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Believe it or not, Super C makes regular vitamin C obsolete because it offers these advantages:

  • Stays in the bloodstream for HOURS not minutes
  • Deeply penetrates the cells, tissues, organs, nervous system, and even the brain
  • Increases penile blood flow for better erections
  • Naturally fights and kills cancer cells
  • Raises brain adrenaline for a young mind and memory
  • And much more...

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I want you to go to your supplements cupboard, swallow a bunch of vitamin C, and then go pee.

Notice how your pee is very yellow, right?

That's because the vitamin C you just swallowed has already entered your bladder where you peed it out.

The yellow intense color of your urine -- now in the toilet bowl -- is yellow from vitamin C.

The vitamin C in the toilet bowl can't help your body, can it?

And this is one reason why vitamin C isn't doing its job...

You know how anytime you're sick, somebody will tell you to take a packet of EmergenC or something similar?

They say this because vitamin C has been shown to boost the immune system.

And it's true -- vitamin C can make the immune system stronger.

But Vitamin C is also very important for another reason...

Humans (and guinea pigs) are the ONLY animals that can't make vitamin C in their bodies naturally.

Humans and guinea pigs are the only animals that must get vitamin C from food.

Us humans store about 2,000 milligrams in our bodies -- but many of us are tragically, dangerously low.

And remember how vitamin C gets peed out so fast?

That's because we humans are very poor at storing vitamin C -- at least ordinary water soluble forms of C.

And that's bad, really bad, for our immune system.

Because one of the most important compounds in the body is used to fight infection and fight inflammation -- I'm talking about glutathione.

We make only a small amount of glutathione -- and once we use up our glutathione, it must be either made fresh, or recycled.

Recycling glutathione has huge health benefits -- our bodies WANT to recycle used-up glutathione.

But to recycle and reuse glutathione, we must have a lot of vitamin C floating around our cells and our tissues.

Vitamin C is crucial at helping our bodies recycle glutathione -- and glutathione is the chief chemical that combats inflammation and infection.

But there's more, a lot more, to vitamin C.

Vitamin C is key to removing bad programming, called methylation, that destroys our genetic code, our DNA.

Only Vitamin C can restore our DNA once it's damaged. Without enough vitamin C, our DNA gets more and more methylated...

...and that speeds up debilitating disease, including heart disease.

Speaking of heart disease, meet Dr. Linus Pauling...

Dr. Pauling is the only man in the history of the world to win two Nobel Prizes that were solely his, unshared with any other researcher.

And Dr. Pauling, two time Nobel prize winner, discovered a blockbuster role of vitamin C that makes it the key to fixing heart disease.

Dr. Pauling found that extra vitamin C can repair clogged and hardened arteries and even reverse the effects of heart disease:

And vitamin C also reduces your C-reactive protein, which is a very reliable indication of future heart disease or heart attack:

And scientists have used Dr. Pauling's research to discover how vitamin C can increase penile blood flow and reduce the stiffness of blood vessels -- even in type 2 diabetes:

Penile blood flow is dependent upon relaxed and flexible blood vessels.

That's because the human penis is OUTSIDE the body cavity. Where it can't get good blood flow even in the best of situations.

But for a man with stiff blood vessels, the penis is constantly low on blood flow.

And that's terrible for erections, terrible for testosterone, terrible for a man's sex life.

So you need a lot of vitamin C to make the blood vessels flexible and youthful -- and to increase penis blood flow up to 2 or 3 times.

And there's more -- because flexible blood vessels also help restore the brain...

So vitamin C has been found to be a natural cure to age-related cognitive decline:

...and a natural fix for high blood pressure...

Vitamin C also helps the body produce more collagen:

And as you may know, collagen is the brick and mortar that our bodies are built with.

It holds our cells together, and it provides the structure for fibrous tissue like ligaments and tendons.

And collagen is also important for our skin. When you increase collagen production, you end up with better joints, better bones, and better, more youthful skin.

So we need plenty of vitamin C to keep collagen levels high.

However, remember that bright yellow pee you see in the toilet bowl after taking a big dose of vitamin C?

When you take ordinary vitamin C, it only lasts a few minutes before the kidneys take it all out of your bloodstream and you pee it out.

So why not just take more?

Well for one, it wouldn't make much difference -- you'd just pee that out too.

And taking too much can give you a very upset stomach...followed by terrible gas and diarrhea.

That's the problem with vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid -- it lives a short life in your bloodstream, and too much hurts your stomach and causes gas and diarrhea.

The way this has been solved is -- many pioneering doctors hook the patient up to an IV line and deliver the vitamin C intravenously.

Not very practical to do this at home though, is it?

Most people can't afford to give themselves an IV and it's expensive to go to the hospital to get an IV....

But still -- the benefits of a high dose of vitamin C are so huge that knowledgeable people are willing to get an IV in order to get enough vitamin C in their bodies...

But what if that wasn't necessary in many cases?

Wouldn't you like to know how to get the benefits of vitamin C without having to get it intravenously?

Well you're in luck... because I've been obsessed with solving this problem for months now...

And I started where it all began, with Linus Pauling, the Godfather of vitamin C...

Remember: Pauling not only discovered that vitamin C is a natural cure to heart disease...

...he was also the first to discover that vitamin C can kill cancer cells, in very large amounts.

And like me, he was also interested in maximizing the benefits of vitamin C while minimizing the amount you have to take.

So I read as many research papers from Pauling as I could get my hands on...

And what I learned is that vitamin C comes in different forms.

Ascorbic acid is the form that we think of as "vitamin C".

But once in the body, ascorbic acid quickly becomes something different -- such as dehydroascorbic acid.

And there are other forms of vitamin C too.

So I thought, what if we could take a different form of vitamin C? A form that stays in the body longer?

Then after plowing through hundreds of articles, I read a sentence that made me sit up straight and re-read a number of times.

It was an epiphany for me.

That one sentence suggested that I could take ordinary vitamin C and transform it into a much more potent type of vitamin C...

A new, completely natural type of vitamin C that stays in the bloodstream for HOURS not minutes...

A type of vitamin C that is fat soluble.

And this is important because water soluble vitamins go right through you.

But fat soluble vitamins stay around, penetrate the tissues, the brain, the nervous system, and deliver their goodness over hours or even days.

And this sentence that I had to re-read said that I could make a type of vitamin C that was fat soluble.

A type of vitamin C with all the benefits of regular C, but that would hang around the body and not just get peed out.

I call this new type of vitamin C Super C, and it has two distinct parts: vitamin C, and a special fat that allows it to penetrate the body better and stay there for longer.

It's fully natural and 100% safe.

It's just a much more potent kind of vitamin C that will help you add decades to your life.

The first time I tried my new Super C, I wasn't sure what to expect...

What I really hoped for was a stronger immune system.

Because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.

I wanted to be able to use my new Super C when I felt a cold coming on, and not have to risk getting terrible diarrhea.

Most importantly, I wanted vitamin C to stay in my body for longer, so it could finally fight off the endotoxins in my food that kept causing me flu-like symptoms.

Before, I would have to take 20 grams of vitamin C at a time, and this high dose would give me terrible stomach and gas pains.

But now I could just take a small dose of Super C and avoid all the stomach pains.

And that's how I knew it was working -- when I didn't have to run to the bathroom right away.

And no bright yellow pee in the toilet either. The vitamin C was staying put.

And that cold I felt coming on? Gone in just a few hours.

The scratchiness in my throat and eyes went away as quickly as they appeared.

And after I was taking my new Super C for a month without even a sniffle, I knew it was working the way regular vitamin C cannot.

My new Super C is an incredible force, which is why I want to share it with as many men as possible...

Dan B says:

"I have found that normal black-and-blue bruising and swelling does not occur with injuries if I have enough C. Nor does out and out pain after exercise. I have repeated this experiment many times. I have trained on and off for 35 years and never felt as good as in the last 7."

And Josh says:

"My Grandpa has been going on and on about this -- he hasn't been to a doctor in 30+ years, is 92, and he and my grandmother still live independently. He doesn't take any prescription drugs and has no issues with hearing, vision, or mobility."

And now YOU can try my new Super C for FREE right now, and experience these benefits...

Benefits of Super C

  • Stays in the bloodstream for HOURS instead of minutes... This rare, special form of vitamin C stays in your body so much longer than regular vitamin C.
    • This allows it to deeply penetrate all of your cells, tissues, and organs, and intensify all the benefits.
    • And best of all -- there are NO side effects. You don't have to worry about taking too much or getting an upset tummy with Super C because you only have to take a little and it's so much more powerful...
  • Makes you immune to any type of sickness... Viruses, the flu, and even the common cold will never plague you again, thanks to your steel-hard constitution with Super C.
    • Germs will bounce off you like you're wearing body armour, and you'll stay protected even when you're exposed to sick people (even germy little kids)...
  • Increases penile blood flow for better erections... Great erections depend on ONE thing and that is GREAT penile blood flow.
    • Without great blood flow, your penis will stay limp and floppy. My Super C helps the blood vessels in the penile chambers relax, so more blood can flow through...
    • And that results in big, engorged erections that stay thick and firm for 30 minutes or longer...
  • Helps the body produce more collagen... Collagen is the glue that binds our cells together.
    • More collagen means healthier cells, healthier joints and ligaments, and even healthier teeth!
    • Collagen also keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle-free, and it helps heal soft tissue and bone injuries.
    • With Super C, your body will be producing more collagen than ever -- and that's a GOOD thing for your body...
  • Fights and kills cancer cells... Regular vitamin C is toxic to cancer cells which makes Super C cancer's kryptonite.
    • Super C helps stop tumors from growing or spreading, and basically starves the cancer cells of all their energy until they die.
    • Since Super C is so much more powerful than regular vitamin C, you don't have to inject it intravenously to get the benefits...
  • Reduces widespread inflammation by up to 45%... New research shows that the more vitamin C you have in your cells and tissues, the less inflamed they will be.
    • Since inflammation is the root cause of all health problems, you will want to use Super C to cut your inflammation markers in half.
    • You'll feel the difference in your joints when you wake up in the morning, and when you swing your golf club with no pain whatsoever...
  • Prevents DNA damage by protecting your cells against harmful free radicals... Vitamin C is the most basic, natural defense against oxidative stress.
    • What's oxidative stress? Too much oxygen. Oxygen is good for us, but too much can be deadly. Think of a pool filled with chlorine... the oxygen in chlorine acts like bleach to kill all the germs in the pool. When the cells in the body get too much oxygen, the oxygen starts attacking and destroying these cells.
    • My new Super C will protect your cells from oxidative stress and other harmful free radicals, and this will keep your cells safe from DNA damage.
  • Protects your vision and lowers the risk of cataracts... Now you won't have to worry about getting bifocals or losing your vision when you get older.
    • With Super C, you are slowing down age-related macular degeneration, which means you are saving your eyesight from old age.
    • It also greatly reduces your chances of developing cataracts later in life, up to 57%. Everyone you know will be so jealous of your fantastic eyesight...
  • Naturally lowers blood pressure... High doses of regular vitamin C has been shown to help men naturally lower their pressure and improve blood flow.
    • So now with Super C, you don't have to take nearly as much and you are getting even more benefit out of it.
    • Super C helps remove excess fluid from the body, allowing your blood vessels to expand and carry more blood. This in turn naturally lowers pressure...
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke... Low levels of vitamin C have been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke.
    • With Super C, it stays in your bloodstream for hours, not minutes, penetrating the tissues and cells deeply and thoroughly.
    • You will always have enough vitamin C and this will greatly reduce your chances of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, potentially adding DECADES to your life...
  • Boosts cognitive function... Vitamin C has been proven to be so important for our brains.
    • It plays a crucial role in the creation of new neurons and keeps the myelin sheath strong, so the cells stay protected.
    • It also helps protect our memories and can help slow down the progression of Alzheimer's and dementia.
    • So make sure and use Super C to keep your brain as young and healthy as possible.
  • ...and when you try Super C today for FREE, you also get my entire Fat Depletion Protocol for just $1...
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