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Believe It or Not, You Can Restore Up to 90% Sensation in Your Penis with These Advantages:

  • Makes the penis up to 9 times more sensitive
  • Increases the amount of pleasure men get out of intercourse, oral, and masturbation
  • Solves most erection problems
  • Gives men more control -- can reverse premature ejaculation
  • Works for any man with any kind of penis

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I realize that I'm feeling very little in my penis...

As we get older, most men feel much less -- less pleasure during sex, less pleasure during masturbation, less pleasure receiving oral sex...

And I want to fix that, I want to reclaim and regain the pleasure and sensation that I recall as a young man...

...without having to resort to useless creams or gels...

...and without taking expensive and useless (and possibly dangerous) pills...

So now I want to share with you how I've increased the sensitivity in my penis...first by a little, then by a lot...

I call it my Sensitivity Solution, and it helps restore full feeling and sensitivity to the penis.

In many cases, it can even increase penis sensitivity and take it to new heights... men can feel even more in their penis than they did when they were younger.

And now finally, every touch, every kiss and lick and thrust, will feel AMAZING...

...the way it should have been feeling all along, before sensitivity was lost.

And this is something any guy can do to raise his own sensitivity down there...

It worked for me, it's worked for many other men, and it will work for you...

You will be feeling more pleasure and sensation during intercourse, so sex becomes more intense and more satisfying...

...more pleasure during oral sex and during masturbation...

And you will find that erections get a whole lot better...

In fact, if you've had long-standing erection problems, you may find that this completely solves the problem and gives you great, long-standing, and firm erections again!

First, here's my story...

I don't remember the exact day it hit me, but eventually I realize I am feeling less and less in my penis.

Less pleasure, less sensitivity...

And when I go to have sex with my wife, I can hardly feel anything -- it's like I'm numb down there.

I have to thrust harder and faster just to make it feel good, and even then, it's not nearly as satisfying as it should be.

And for a while, I'm thinking it's all in my head...maybe it's my fault, something I'm doing...

...until I discover -- it's not just me suffering from a loss of sensation in my penis...

Believe it or not, most men lose 80 or 90% of their penile sensitivity by the time they're 50 or 60 years old.

I've heard from tons of guys who get to be 50 or older and ask me...

...why they can't be brought to orgasm when they're inside their wife or girlfriend?

These guys say they grind away for 45 minutes or longer, and they're still not feeling a lot in their penis.

Their wives and girlfriends get tired and sore inside, and the men just give up on reaching climax.

Sounds familiar, right? This was what was happening to me.

And some men even write to me asking why oral sex is such a big deal...

Because when a woman goes down on them, they hardly feel a thing.

They watch a girl's mouth bob up and down on their penis, but it's not feeling as good as it should.

They aren't having these explosive reactions like they do on TV or in porn.

So men ask me: "What's the fuss all about?"

And it's because men are barely feeling anything anymore -- the penis loses its sensitivity and they feel less and less.

Even when masturbating, men with low penile sensitivity often have to use a death-grip just to feel any pleasure.

They have to stroke harder and faster and rougher just to produce some feeling.

And many men think this is normal -- they have no idea that they should be feeling so much more pleasure and sensation than what they're getting.

A lot of guys have no idea that it's possible to feel orgasmic pleasurable feelings from just the lightest of touches.

This was me before I started this journey... and maybe it's you too...

So many men don't realize they are suffering from low penile sensitivity -- and it's not their fault.

When men lose the majority of feeling and sensation in their penis -- it's due to this!

And doctors don't talk about this problem. It's not something men hear about.

And frankly, the doctors suffer from it themselves.

The problem is called keratinization.

Keratinization involves the thickening and hardening of the most sensitive parts of a man's penis...

The penis doesn't feel hard...but at a cellular level, the nerves are not able to feel and transmit much sensation.

It's like playing guitar with gloves on...or making love wearing 3 condoms!

The skin of the glans gets rough, and little lines and grooves appear...

Those lines and grooves in the penis skin show keratinization.

It's like when you soak your hands in water for a long time and they get pruney and your fingers feel less...

That's what happens to the penis over time.

And since doctors don't know anything about keratinization, men keep losing more and more sensitivity and don't even know it!

But I've been researching this issue...and I've found that keratinization is the reason for virtually ALL men losing penile sensitivity...

Problems like...

"...decreased sexual pleasure and lower orgasm intensity, more effort required to achieve orgasm" as one study puts it.

And being circumcised can accelerate keratinization and make penis sensitivity worse...

...but keratinization happens to all men, both "intact" and circumcised. It's actually very common.

It accumulates over time, and the penile skin, especially around the glans, gets thicker and harder, and we feel less and less.

And many medical issues make it worse.

In this study, men with ED and diabetic men had much lower penile sensitivity:

And in this study, men with ED and men who come too fast or too slowly (grinding away and having difficulty reaching orgasm) have lower penile sensitivity:

None of these studies showed the cause of loss of sensitivity though...

Until I started looking very far afield...exploring what some men had found to fix their sensitivity problems...

And then I realized the problem was staring right at me...

The penis skin gets thickened and harder and you don't feel as much. That's keratinization.

How to tell if you're suffering from keratinization?

Look very closely at the tip of your penis. If you have a foreskin, retract it a little bit.

You may need a magnifying glass.

The tip of a penis that is healthy and NOT desensitized due to keratinization will appear smooth and shiny...

...while a man who is suffering from keratinization will see little cracks, otherwise known as "canals" that make the penis look wrinkly.

Virtually all men who are circumcised show a lot of keratinization. Many men who are "intact" also suffer from it.

You might not be able to feel it with just your hand, but on a microscopic level, there is a lot of extra thickness there that hurts sensitivity.

Some men can continue getting decent erections when they're suffering from keratinization...

...but more often than not, erections start to suffer...

In fact, keratinization causes ED in many men.

And it makes sense -- because if you're hardly feeling anything in your penis, how are you supposed to get good erections?

It will be almost impossible to get a good, hard, long-lasting erection when you're suffering from keratinization and less sensitivity.

So what causes this keratinization in men?

Well after more than a decade of research, I've found that keratinization can be caused by a lot of things...

Snipping off a man's foreskin can accelerate keratinization and make penis sensitivity worse...

...but keratinization happens to all men with all kinds of penises. It's actually very common.

Rubbing and chafing in your underwear can result in less sensation in your penis...

Rough sex can cause it. Certain masturbation techniques (like a death-grip) can cause it.

Keratinization happens gradually over time, until suddenly you wake up and realize you've lost almost all the feeling in your penis.

So I decide to embark on a journey to find a real solution to keratinization...

I begin making phone calls to all my scientist friends in various research universities around the world...

I start reading even more medical studies every day, almost 20 per day.

I even travel out of the country to talk to the "sexperts" that claim to know it all.

And right away, I find out there are pills that promise to make the penis more sensitive (go figure).

But I try to avoid prescription drugs whenever possible because they come with terrible side effects and tend to be very expensive.

There are also creams you can rub on that claim they will increase penis sensitivity.

They just didn't work at all for me. Quite disappointing. So...

Fast-forward much, much later and I've come up with my very own Sensitivity Solution.

It's natural and safe, and it's very easy to do.

There are no creams, no pills, no surgeries, no pulling or tugging techniques...

And yet keratinization can be reversed...

...and at last, men can start feeling 80-90% more sensitivity in their penis.

Many men who use this find their erections return and last longer.

And I think you'll appreciate how fast my Sensitivity Solution works.

It may have taken me 40 years to lose sensitivity, but this restored it in just 4 weeks!

Some men find they have more sensitivity within a few days of starting the sensitivity solution, while other men may find that it takes a little longer...

But compared to the other solutions out there, this works very fast for any man who uses it.

My Sensitivity Solution is unlike anything else out there that you may have seen before.

And I have great confidence that it will work for you as it has for me and so many other men...

Men like Bruce who write to me saying:

"I don't masterbate at all any more.

I have asked my wife to touch me VERY gently when she touches my penis, she has made penis touching into an art form, kind of like the "OM" thing.

The sensitivity level of my penis is higher than it has ever been before and yes I get erections too just thinking about my wife."

And Jon who says:

"I am getting soooo much more than I came for, which was ED concerns.

Speaking of which, last week we had great sex 4 days in a row! So thanks for that!!"

And James from South Carolina says:

"I was skeptical about the protocol at first, but I am now starting to have erections at night and at random times during the day...

I am also able to maintain my erection longer.

I have been doing this system for about 2 weeks now."

And Leroy J. says:

"The cancer and especially the meningitis really desensitized things down there and all I was doing was making things worse.

So about a year ago, I tried this and "he" came to life with her help, but the last couple of days, no help needed at all.

And the sensitivity is much better. Having our love life back is something I cannot thank you enough for.

My wife and I are both so happy that we are getting that part of our life back and I owe it to you, Matt!"

And so many more...

And here are some questions I most often get from men interested in my Sensitivity Solution...

Question #1: Who is this for?

The better question would be: who is this NOT for?

The Sensitivity Solution is for any man who wants more feeling and sensation in their penis.

It works for both circumsized and uncircumsized men...

...yes it works for every guy with every type of penis.

Question #2: How much sensitivity can you restore?

It seems to me that the Sensitivity Solution can restore almost ALL of it.

I can't say for sure, but men who have used the Sensitivity Solution report that it restores about 90% of the sensitivity which is not bad.

In fact, that's great! Way better than I ever expected or hoped for.

I have found that intercourse is a hundred times better, even better than it was before -- and it was really great before.

In fact, I've found that every type of sex is incredibly more satisfying and pleasurable now.

And now I can understand what all the fuss was about!

Question #3: Will this give a man premature ejaculation, or make premature ejaculation worse?

Restoring all this sensitivity back into your penis may certainly cause you to come too fast at first...

...especially if you are suddenly feeling super sensitive and not used to it.

However, this type of premature ejaculation is very easy and quick to get over.

And if you've had a premature ejaculation for a long time, your problem actually isn't too MUCH sensitivity -- it's not enough!

I know this sounds weird, but it's true. I've found that almost all men today who have the problem of coming too fast have low penis sensitivity.

This forces them to use too much movement and be too vigorous, which sets off a reflexive ejaculation.

But with greater sensitivity comes greater control... then you don't need to make vigorous movements anymore.

My Sensitivity Solution may even be a natural cure to premature ejaculation.

So don't let the fear of coming too soon stop you from enjoying all this newfound penis sensitivity.

Of course, it's a bit like having a new penis, so you do have to get used to all your newfound powers...

Question #4: Can men taking medications use the Sensitivity Solution?

This does not involve any medications or any supplements that you'd need to run by your doctor.

This is a natural solution, so men should not have any problems using this Sensitivity Solution while on medications.

Question #5: How much do I have to pay to try your Sensitivity Solution?

I've talked to many men who are desperate for a solution to low penis sensitivity.

Some men are even willing to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to feel more sensation in their penis.

But now you don't have to.

I'm giving my Sensitivity Solution away for FREE to any man who wants it.

And I think you'll find that the longer you use this, the more you feel in your penis.

Things will just keep getting better and better -- until suddenly you're experiencing the kind of sex you've always dreamed of having!

Here are all the benefits men can get out of this FREE Sensitivity Solution:

  • Restore up to 90% more sensation and sensitivity in the penis
    • All the sensitivity that men lose over the years -- this can restore almost ALL of it, naturally, without drugs or creams or simply reversing the keratinization that's taken place on a man's glans...
    • And then suddenly men are feeling things that they haven't felt in years, maybe ever!
  • Enjoy potentially higher penis sensitivity than ever before
    • For a lot of guys, this takes penis sensitivity to new heights... so you feel more pleasure and more sensation in your penis than you did even as a young man...
  • Feel more pleasure during intercourse, masturbation, and oral
    • Once you restore sensitivity and increase how much you can feel in your penis, sex will start to feel SO much better...
    • Intercourse will feel amazing, oral sex will blow you away, and even masturbation will feel intensely good again!

  • Can help reverse premature ejaculation
    • Believe it or not, most premature ejaculation is caused by low penis sensitivity! When men aren't feeling enough, they use too much movement and move too vigorously, which causes them to come suddenly and without warning...
    • Using this Sensitivity Solution increases feeling and sensation in the penis, so men gain more control. Now there's no need for vigorous movement -- because now every little thrust or touch feels AMAZING...
  • Can reverse ED caused by keratinization
    • I've found that nearly all rockiness problems stem from keratinization, which can't be fixed with pills or creams or gels...
    • This solution naturally dekeratinizes the penis, so the nerve endings wake up and feel more and more and more...and then erections are back and better than ever...
  • Makes sex a more "out of this world" experience
    • Once you realize you are feeling less and less in your penis and restore and increase sensitivity with this solution, sex becomes an entirely different experience...
    • This is sex as it should be, as you always imagined it to be... you're feeling pleasure so deeply, and it's so satisfying and so will LOVE this...

  • ...and you're also getting access to my entire Sex God Transformation system for just $1...
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