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Kick starting the cells into burning sugar is like having super powers.

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Your wife or girlfriend will be’re eating foods that diabetics “aren’t supposed to eat” -- and your blood sugars are NORMAL

It sounds totally crazy, but many men are ecstatic when they hear about the 10 SuperFoods…because these foods are often so rich and wonderful to eat...and diabetics have been told not to eat them!

No wonder diabetes is so common. The foods we aren’t “supposed” to eat are the SuperFoods that reverse diabetes...and the foods diabetics are TOLD to eat actually make diabetes WORSE.

(It’s as though the typical diabetic “diet” was designed by Big Pharma, maybe to keep diabetics consuming hundreds of dollars a month of medications and doctors visits...)

...and now, with my 10 SuperFoods, men love how they are indulging in delicious food and feeling their potency soar and their blood sugar plummet.

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  • One of the BIGGEST transformations in your life will happen as soon as you do this “oil replacement”. You will start feeling lighter, more energetic and your blood sugar will drop at the same time. If you are willing to do just one thing from this report - it might as well be the “oil replacement”.
  • You will be gobsmacked at the SuperFoods diabetic man should eat. But there’s is a secret reason why these foods work to reverse diabetes... and many of them are loaded with sugar, which diabetics have been told to AVOID. Yet, they work, and why they work is based on hard science...your blood sugars will be normal within a week or two and you’ll love the sweet and luscious foods you’re eating.
  • Men who enjoy sex will be delighted, because this “ocean aphrodisiac” not only boosts your bedroom performance, but it also fights diabetes better than any Big Pharma drugs. You can enjoy this ocean aphrodisiac on a daily basis, and while you’re enjoying normal blood sugar - you will also be giving some lucky woman the time of her life in the bedroom.
  • Shock your friends and loved ones by opening a bottle of this special but common soft drink. They may think you’re just making your diabetes worse, but the truth is that this special soft drink has special ingredients that make it not only safe, but beneficial to diabetics. I know it sounds crazy, but you will discover the science behind it and find out how well it works.
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10 Super Foods

Stop eating food you hate, and start devouring your favorite, delicious foods with my 10 SuperFoods that help reverse diabetes. No more avoiding sugar, now you can eat foods loaded with sugar while LOWERING your blood sugar. After just a week or two, you'll be energized, healthier, and best of all experiencing a daily boost to your libido. With my 10 SuperFoods, you'll be like a whole new man.

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Videos, audios and transcripts

lovingly edited so you can watch or listen anywhere -- even at the gym, when you are doing the dishes or in the car.

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Kick Start Your Body Bonus Module

I'm also getting a free bonus course showing me how to use the super simple "sippy cup" activity to kick start my body into burning sugar again. Once my body is burning sugar again instead of just fat, I will experience tremendous health benefits like perfect blood sugar, normal blood pressure, less belly fat, better erections, and more sexual stamina.

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Liver cleanse protocol

Because men with diabetes often have fatty liver disease. The liver is the biggest organ in the body for a reason - it is there to clean your blood and provide life-giving hormones. This protocl is a breakthrough that will unlock more energy and more sex hormones than you've had since you were a young man

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The diabetes reversal foods to eat and foods to avoid

Exact simple instructions on how to reverse diabetic symptoms by avoiding certain foods that EVERYONE mistakenly thinks are "good for you" but in reality cause diabetic symptoms and eventually the total loss of the pancreas beta cells. It isn't too late!

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Complete cellular smoothie instructions and sources

Shows you the small easy list of ingredients you can mix in just 35 seconds (and you can make it in advance) that helps kickstart your body into burning sugar again, reversing even decades of diabetic symptoms

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Supplement protocols

Supplements that help diabetics reverse their diabetes, some costing literally one penny. Backed up by Harvard studies, you will NEVER read this anywhere else because Big Pharma has brainwashed doctors into prescribing high priced drugs

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Thyroid protocol

Because your thyroid is your body's metabolic gas pedal, and most of us guys with diabetes have very slow throttles...sub clinical low thyroid causes that "tired all the time" feeling, poor or non-existent erections, belly fat that won't go away, poor muscle tone, and much more...this thyroid protocol shows you more than your doctor knows and is vital to becoming youthful and vigorous again.

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Diabetic Reversal ED protocol

Including $984 in sex bonuses for men...because diabetic men who reverse their diabetes with my simple system find that their penis wakes up...these bonuses show you how to make her come with her clothes on, how to give oral a new way and much much more. Valued at $984.

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Diabetic Reversal Aspirin Protocol

Did you know that aspirin can reverse diabetes? And not just aspirin, but aspirin taken a particular way, THIS way, the protocol shows you exactly how to use aspirin in a unique way that is proven to restore NORMAL blood sugar.

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Women's issues protocol

The Diabetes Reversal system works for your wife or girlfriend too. Here are some very specific female-only techniques and tips that will show her what she needs to fix her blood sugar and increase her libido and sexual appetite.

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