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  • Uses simple supplements and shows you where to buy them
  • Shrinks prostates over a few months -- often to normal size
  • Improves sexual libido and may improve erections -- makes men into studs who can come and then come again
  • May also boost testosterone levels

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I get a ton of emails, literally many each day, from men who are experiencing prostate problems and they want to know what to do.

So if you have prostate problems, and you want freedom from pee problems...

...AND if you want a greater libido and greater sexual performance...

...then you'll want to read about this new breakthrough prostate discovery I made recently...

But first, is this for you?

Maybe you're waking up 3 or 4 times every night to pee...

...only you get to the bathroom to pee and it's just a faint dribble of urine coming out.

You don't feel like you fully empty your bladder...

...and you'll be up in another hour to do it all over again...

And maybe you can even see that your prostate is swollen with your very own eyes.

Some men have prostates the size of a lemon, when what men want is the prostate the size of a walnut.

Maybe you have been noticing this prostate inflammation for a while and don't know what to do about it...

Or maybe you just want to get ahead of prostate problems before they start -- which is a very good thing to do!

See, what I've discovered is a remedy that is over 60-years-old yet totally forgotten...

...and it actually shrinks the prostate to normal size over a few months...

But nobody wants to wait a few months...

So that's what got me to figure out how to naturally shrink a man's prostate...

I began by looking at the present treatments.

They usually involve either dangerous medications, or dangerous "procedures" that cut or snip a man's prostate.

Medications include tamsulosin and finasteride, both of which are dangerous for men.

Both of these drugs can ruin a man's male hormone profiles, causing him to have difficulty ejaculating, causing depression and erectile dysfunction...

The procedures cause bleeding, urination problems (which they are supposed to fix), and often they lead to long term or permanent erectile dysfunction.

So I started to investigate the reason why men's prostates are enlarged -- and to find a remedy that gets to the ROOT of the CAUSE rather than involving dangerous drugs or procedures.

Now, remember that I'm not a doctor, and I'm not YOUR doctor, so you have to take anything I tell you with the spirit of research and "this is your body" -- personal responsibility.

The stuff I'm about to show you may not be what your doctor believes -- but I will show you actual studies and proof that it works.

So thanks to this new discovery, I've come up with a simple way to get almost immediate prostate relief while you wait for the old remedy to do its work.

But there's more...MUCH more...

Not only will many men find almost immediate relief from annoying prostate symptoms like peeing and not being able to empty their bladder...

...most men will also find they are feeling more horny, and they are able to have sex two or three times in a night instead of just once!

It's a way to be decades younger in the sex department.

Just read on and you will see exactly how it works, why it's safe, and why your doctor doesn't know about it.

For starters, I need to ask you a question.

Have you ever heard of the term "aromatization"?

Aromatization is a natural process that takes place in a man's body, where testosterone is converted into estrogen:

Some estrogen is necessary and even healthy for men, so when the body senses "extra" testosterone, it converts it into estrogen.

But too much estrogen and things start to go badly in a man's body, especially for the prostate...

Most men with prostate problems have high estrogen levels.

And when estrogen levels are high in a man from aromatization, testosterone is usually low...

This is no coincidence. Testosterone is being turned into estrogen -- and it's estrogen that causes inflamed and swollen prostates.

Yes, this extra estrogen may be causing the prostate to swell up to the size of a lemon...

And it may be causing all the peeing problems...

Here's a study I uncovered that shows men with low testosterone and high estrogen levels have larger, more swollen and inflamed prostates:

They gave some men testosterone, and some men they gave an aromatase inhibitor to.

(An aromatase inhibitor is something that blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, the process of aromatization).

At the end of a year, the men who had the aromatase inhibitor had smaller prostates.

The aromatase inhibitor prevents the body from converting their testosterone into estrogen.

And the men with lower estrogen had smaller prostates.

So men with BPH -- Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia -- have too much estrogen.

And sadly, it's at the expense of testosterone -- so most men with BPH have LOW testosterone and HIGH estrogen and SWOLLEN prostates...

In fact, recently scientists have found that the prostate itself converts testosterone into estrogen very efficiently.

Sometimes too efficiently, which is what makes estrogen levels get too high in the prostate -- and the prostate swells up.

And it's not just normal estrogen causing all the problems -- it's the strongest type of estrogen called estradiol.

Estradiol is the specific type of estrogen that is created through aromatization and men do NOT want a high amounts of estradiol in the body.

High estradiol can cause unwanted fat gain, muscle loss, ED, loss of sex drive in men, and more...

Does high estradiol cause prostate cancer?

It seems to be true -- eventually, if left untreated, estradiol causes prostate inflammation and if it continues, often leads to full-blown prostate cancer.

So it's clear that men do NOT want high estradiol levels.

So in building my new prostate protocol, I knew we had to safely lower estrogen in men, by lowering the most powerful estrogen, estradiol.

But high estradiol isn't the only culprit in swollen prostates... there's another hormone that increases alongside estradiol that hurts a man's prostate...

Maybe you've heard of it before... it's called prolactin...

Prolactin is a hormone created in the pituitary gland, and studies show that high levels of prolactin increase the size of the prostate in men:

It's not just high estradiol that is the problem -- it's also high prolactin.

Most men with high prolactin levels suffer from prostate inflammation.

And when prolactin levels are high in men, estrogen or estradiol levels are almost always high too.

So for men, this is a very bad combination...

Because when estrogen and prolactin are high, testosterone is usually low... too low...

And low testosterone doesn't do the prostate any favors either.

Now you may have heard mixed things about testosterone and the prostate, but the science firmly shows that high testosterone is beneficial for the prostate:

High testosterone is protective in men.

Unfortunately, most doctors still believe otherwise -- because they are trained by Big Pharma to believe that testosterone is somehow involved with prostate cancer.

But the science shows us that men with good, high testosterone levels usually have a nice, normal-sized prostate and no symptoms.

The only issue is when men start supplementing with "fake" testosterone...

You know, the testosterone you get from the doctor?

Usually doctors prescribe men huge doses of testosterone and this overloads the system.

Remember the process of aromatization? Well the body sees this huge dose of supplemental testosterone as EXTRA testosterone.

So it converts this testosterone into estrogen. Almost all of it.

So it's not testosterone that's hurting the prostate, it's the testosterone that's turned into estrogen.

And supplemental testosterone from the doctor almost always gets turned into estrogen right away in a man's body.

So yes -- in this way, testosterone is not helping the prostate. But it's not testosterone's fault.

Estrogen and prolactin are the two culprits behind prostate inflammation.

Testosterone keeps getting converted into estrogen...

And as estrogen climbs higher and higher, so does prolactin...

High levels of estrogen and prolactin cause the prostate to swell up and the annoying pee symptoms to start...

So what men want is the opposite: naturally high and healthy testosterone levels with LOW estrogen and prolactin.

Now how to go about doing this?

That's where my new prostate protocol comes in...

I've found old, trusted, safe treatments that have been around for decades... and when I use them in a unique way...

...I've found I can lower estrogen and prolactin levels at home and keep them low.

And in this way, I ensure my prostate stays small like a walnut instead of a lemon...

And I avoid all the annoying prostate symptoms -- like getting up to pee all night long and having to go to the bathroom constantly during the day...

In fact, the best thing about my protocol is how it starts helping right away, so men can find relief from these symptoms as quickly as possible.

And there is a huge benefit for sexual performance and testosterone...

Because men who experience my protocol may find their libido is higher, and their testosterone is higher...

...and their ability to perform sexually is better than it's been for many years.

Prolactin is dramatically lower. And men with lower prolactin can have intercourse, come, and then do it all over again...often 2 or 3 times in a single night!

Another benefit of lower prolactin for many men is that it may help gynecomastia. Man-boobs can be reduced with this protocol.

Plus, erections may be better, even much better...and the benefits continue on and on!

It's so much more than just a prostate shrinking system, but...

...I call my protocol the Prostate Shrinking Machine.

With my Prostate Shrinking Machine, you are starting to experience life with lower estrogen, lower prolactin, and higher testosterone.

You're probably noticing the ability to sleep all night without having to wake up to pee...

...and when you do pee, you experience a stronger urine stream and you empty your bladder completely...

My Prostate Shrinking Machine is very powerful...

But don't stop the protocol quite yet...because there are other great benefits for men with this protocol, not just a shrinking prostate...

The Prostate Shrinking Machine protocol can also boost libido and lower the "refractory period" for men...

This means your sex drive may climb higher than it's been in a long time.

So now you are feeling a libido that you haven't experienced in many years, even decades...but can you follow through?

Well, it turns out sex is lots more fun than it's been in like, forever.

And when you and she are done, you are still "rocky" and you can go again...

Yes it's true: if you come, my protocol can let you get hard and go again, even if you just finished 10 minutes ago.

If you've been following my work, you know that I think it's best for men to have a lot of sex but to come infrequently.

But now, even if I do come, I stay hard and can continue. My wife really enjoys it and so do I.

It's a lot like being a teenager again -- without all the downsides!

And I really think you're going to find similar exciting results when you give my protocol a try.

I can't promise you all these benefits, but they are there for many men, if not most, who follow this protocol.

In fact, you can try the Prostate Shrinking Machine today for free.

I'll tell you exactly what I'm using, how much I'm using, and for how long.

I'll show you where I get these old, proven remedies and how I save money doing it.

And all you have to do to get it all for free is give my Testosterone Raising Protocol system a try.

This way, while you lower estrogen and prolactin and shrink the prostate down to a healthy, happy size... can also be raising testosterone, naturally at home...

And all you have to pay is $1 for it all. One single dollar for my complete Testosterone Raising Protocol along with the Prostate Shrinking Machine.

Note: This protocol is amazing, because it is powerful. And like any powerful protocol, if you are taking medications or under a doctor's care, you will want to check with the doctor before proceeding to make sure there will be no interactions with your medications.

Here are all the benefits of using my free Prostate Shrinking Machine:

  • Helps lower estrogen and prolactin levels
    • Men with inflamed, swollen prostates often have high estrogen and high prolactin levels. If left untreated, this can turn to prostate cancer.
    • Using this protocol, men can start lowering estrogen and prolactin levels at home right away for quick relief from prostate symptoms.
  • Can shrink the prostate
    • Many men, by the time they're 50 years old, have a prostate the size of a lemon, when it should be the size of a walnut!
    • Lowering estrogen and prolactin this way usually allows the prostate to shrink down to its normal size. So in other words, prostate inflammation goes away!

  • May reduce the frequency of having to pee
    • Most men with inflamed, swollen prostates suffer from a near-constant urge to urinate. They are forced to look for a bathroom everywhere they go, and have to keep missing out on their life because of prostate problems.
    • However, using this protocol, many men find quick relief from the constant urge to pee. Since I've been using this protocol, I've not been going to the bathroom nearly as often.
  • Helps men fully empty their bladder when peeing
    • Another prostate symptom many men suffer from is not being able to fully empty their bladder when urinating. They have the urge to pee... only when they get there, only a dribble of pee comes out...
    • Now men can find faster relief using this protocol and hopefully be able to start emptying their bladder more and more, until the stream is full and strong again.

  • Can improve sleep quality
    • Many men suffering from prostate inflammation wake up 3 or 4 times a night to pee. This constant sleep interruption can really take its toll on men's health, and even hurt bedroom performance...
    • Using the Prostate Shrinking Machine protocol, I've been sleeping so much better throughout the night. I rarely get up even once to use the bathroom. And I have so much more energy and stamina now that I'm sleeping through the night.

  • Boosts most men's libido
    • The remedies I use in this protocol often increase a man's sex drive. So men start feeling more horny, almost like a teenager again...
    • My wife is THRILLED by how much desire I have for her now. She says it's like when we first met -- I want to jump her bones all the time! And it's true. My libido is much higher now, thanks to this.
  • May lower the refractory period for men
    • The refractory period is the amount of time it takes a man to get hard again after coming.
    • Using this protocol, many men find they can do it two or even three times in a single night. And their wives and girlfriends are awfully happy about it too!

  • Often reduces anxiety in men
    • As an added bonus, the safe, proven remedies I use in the Prostate Shrinking Machine protocol often reduce anxiety levels in men.
    • So if you've been stressed out by work, current events, your relationship, or something else, you may find yourself feeling a lot less anxious and more relaxed once you start using this protocol for your prostate.
  • ...and you can naturally start raising your testosterone levels with my complete Testosterone Raising Protocol for just $1...
Prostate Shrinking Machine

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