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Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you are a man who wants to last as long as he wants...

...every single time you have sex, without having to work at it...

...just effortlessly and naturally last 30, 60, maybe even 90 minutes...

...then this right here is for you, and you are going to be blown away by what I'm showing you.

It's a simple 2-second change in focus that literally changes everything in a man's world.

And in this short report, I'll show you everything you need to know, so please read it carefully.

Like most boys, when I was a young teenager discovering masturbation for the first time, it was always a hurried, quick thing...

I wanked it very fast because I was always scared my mom was going to catch me.

So I guess I trained myself to finish quickly, and when I started meeting girls and having sex with them...

...I would finish really fast and it seemed a natural thing to me...

Well obviously as I got a little older and started dating Jodi, who is now my wife...

...this became an increasingly bigger problem between us...

I would only last two or three minutes tops, and she wasn't being satisfied.

I'd also go through periods of erectile dysfunction, where I couldn't get hard enough for sex.

And when I would finally get an erection and be able to penetrate her... I'd blow my wad within seconds...

Jodi pretended it was okay for a while, but of course it wasn't.

And my confidence was totally shot, what with having ED and premature ejaculation problems off and on.

I was lousy in the sack, and that's something no man feels good about.

Things were really bad for a while... in fact, I worried I'd lose Jodi forever.

Fast-forward to now, and I'm completely over all that.

Things between Jodi and I are better than ever.

Now I have no problem lasting 30 minutes, and it's not something I have to work at.

It just happens naturally, and I can go for even longer if I try.

And forgive me for being braggy, I certainly don't mean to brag.

I just want to show you how bad things were for me for a long time...

...and now how great things are for me now sexually, and what I'm doing to make that possible...

Because any man can also do what I'm doing and start lasting longer and longer in bed.

I know this isn't a thing that a lot of guys talk about openly...

So it wasn't until I became a full-time health and sex researcher that I realized how many guys suffer from the same thing.

Today I'm constantly getting messages from men who also suffer from premature ejaculation (PE).

Thousands and thousands of messages.

So if you are a man who suffers from PE, you are not alone...

More than 30%  of ALL men suffer from PE.

And the reason why so many men email me about their PE is because they've tried traditional treatments.

But most of the traditional PE treatments don't work for the majority of men with PE.

And here's why...

Doctors today think that premature ejaculation is caused by too much sensitivity in the penile nerves.

So the common belief is that men with PE feel too much in their penises.

Basically, guys come too soon because they are feeling TOO much pleasure and sensation.

So the typical treatments for PE are things that reduce sensitivity in the penile nerves.

There's surgeries like nerve ablations, where doctors inject chemicals to kill off the nerves in the penis.

There's also Botox to temporarily numb the nerves, so you feel less and less down there.

Or doctors prescribe SSRI drugs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) like Prozac to chemically control your pleasure receptors.

These SSRI drugs do work eventually, but they are so harmful because they cause many men to stop "feeling" anything at all.

Emotions like love and intimacy become foreign for many guys on SSRIs.

I never recommend these drugs to my students, and this is why.

And lastly, you have countless numbing agents -- topical gels, creams, ointments.

They are all designed to numb the penis and desensitize men down there.

So all of these PE treatments doctors recommend are aimed at REDUCING sensitivity in the penis.

And that's exactly why I am so AGAINST all of these treatments.

I do NOT believe that PE is caused by too much sensitivity.

In fact, I know it is not true.

The real cause of premature ejaculation (PE) is a LOSS of sensation in the penis.

Between 80 and 90% of men with PE have overly tight pelvic floor muscles.

So the problem isn't that it feels too good for us, no that's ridiculous...

The real problem is that we don't feel ENOUGH down there, so we come very quickly.

Think about it... what happens when you are having sex and you aren't feeling anything?

You get faster and more intense, right? In order to feel more down there, you naturally go harder and faster.

And of course, then you spill your load, somewhat unexpectedly.

And this is what happens to guys with PE.

They are in the "harder, faster" mode every time they have intercourse.

And this makes the muscles around the penis and prostate tense up.

These are called the pelvic floor muscles. And they are very tight in a man with PE.

To see what I mean, clench up right now like you're trying to hold back a bowel movement.

Feel those muscles tightening up? Those are the pelvic floor muscles.

And the pelvic floor muscles tighten up in every man right before he's about to come. It's an automatic reflex.

But men with PE have chronically tight pelvic floor muscles.

And this makes a man come very quickly, almost as soon as pleasurable sensation starts.

So the moment a man with PE feels really, really good -- even if that's just seconds after entering a woman...

...he comes right away, as soon as he feels that first taste of pleasure.

It's just an automatic reflex. Pleasure → Come

For men with PE, this "coming" reflex is really strong because of chronically tight pelvic floor muscles.

So it's not the man's fault for coming so fast...

It's a natural reflex to having chronically tight pelvic floor muscles.

And none of the medical treatments for PE do anything about tight pelvic floor muscles.

And that's why I get so many messages from men who can't last more than a few minutes inside a woman.

They are desperate for a real solution that works.

Fortunately, I believe I can help all of these men by sharing what has worked for me.

If it worked for me, why not you?

And what works for me is this simple 2-second change in focus -- something any man can do anywhere, anytime.

And with this simple, natural method, there is nothing you have to buy.

There are no supplements you have to take, no drugs, no surgeries, no injections.

And yet this 2-second change in focus works just as good if not better even than surgery...

Here's the proof: in this study about pelvic floor rehabilitation for men with PE...

...111 of the 122 guys who participated in this procedure fixed their PE by gaining control over their pelvic floor muscles...

But they had to use complicated biofeedback devices to get these results, and make repeated visits to a clinic.

It cost a lot of money and took a lot of time.

So I read this study and many others, and over months and months, developed a way to relax the pelvic floor muscles even better than what they accomplished in this study.

The reason my 2 second change in focus works better than what they used in the study is this:

In the study, patients got treatment once per week for an hour.

With my 2-second change in focus, you can continually practice throughout the day.

You can practice when you are driving. In meetings. Anywhere, anytime, because nobody knows you are practicing.

With 2 seconds here and 2 seconds there, you accomplish the pelvic floor relaxation effortlessly, easily, without complications...

So thanks to this 2-second change in focus, you won't need numbing creams, SSRIs, or surgery...

All you need is your brain and a couple seconds here and there throughout your day.

You don't even have to have a partner.

Single guys can use this 2-second change in focus and be ready to blow the next woman away with their lasting power.

And married guys or guys with girlfriends can use it to start lasting longer as soon as tonight.

This 2-second change in focus works by giving men more control over his pelvic floor muscles...

It works by relaxing and opening up the pelvic floor, so those muscles are no longer chronically tight.

This allows the nerves and blood vessels to expand, which improves blood flow to the penis and results in really pleasurable sensations.

So now the body is set comfortably in "enjoy sex" mode and not "pump, come, and done" mode.

It gives you complete control over your own climax.

And after a few weeks of using this 2-second change in focus, most guys are able to last 30 or 60 minutes every time they have sex.

It becomes a natural, effortless thing.

And then sex is a wonderful, super pleasurable experience that seems to just last and last...

And your relationship with your woman is so much better, so much deeper and more satisfying...

With this 2-second change in focus, this happens effortlessly -- there's nothing you have to work at...

No mind games you have to go through. Nothing to remember.

Nothing you have to put on your penis to numb it, so you barely feel a thing.

All you have to do is what you really want to do anyway -- enjoy the pleasure and connection like never before.

I've put everything you need in super clear, simple instructions.

It's all in my ProLONG Protocol that you can have for free right now.

That's right -- you can discover how to naturally reverse PE and last longer and longer in bed with the simple 2-second change in focus...

...and you don't have to pay for it -- the ProLONG Protocol is free.

I just want to help other men suffering from PE like I was, and show more men how to effortlessly enjoy long, pleasurable intercourse.

And that's what you'll get in my ProLONG Protocol, and you will be able to immediately start lasting longer and longer.

Questions? Here are some answers for you!

Question 1: How long will the ProLONG Protocol take to start working for me?

Every guy is different, so it will be different for everyone.

But most guys who use this simple 2-second change in focus start seeing results in just a few days, and after a few weeks, it's even better!

Question 2: Is the ProLONG Protocol safe to use while taking medications?

This protocol is safe for any man to use because there is nothing you have to take, nothing to buy, nothing to consume.

The 2-second change in focus is safe for almost any man to use no matter what medications you may be taking.

But as a general rule of thumb, I advise any man taking multiple medications or undergoing treatment to talk to their doctor just to be safe.

Question 3: Is this just for guys with premature ejaculation (PE)?

Nope! This protocol is for ANY man who wants to last 30-60 minutes every time he has sex.

It's designed to help men suffering from PE, but that doesn't mean it won't benefit other guys too.

All men who use the ProLONG Protocol will discover how to last longer.

Question 4: Does this work for older guys?

Yes! I've heard great things from plenty of older guys who have tried this.

This works for young guys, older guys, single guys, married guys...

And it will help you no matter how long you've been struggling.

Question 5: Is the ProLONG Protocol safe to use long-term?

This is incredibly safe to use, and you can use it for as long as you want.

Some men even say the longer they use this protocol, the longer they last!

But many men will get their problem completely resolved with the 2-second change in focus and never have to worry about it again.

It's like using training wheels to learn how to ride a bike -- eventually, you don't need the training wheels anymore!

Here are all the benefits men can get using my ProLONG Protocol:

  • Naturally reverse premature ejaculation (PE)
    • Coming too soon affects every man at some point or another...and for some guys, it becomes a stubborn, annoying problem they can't solve with traditional treatments...which is why my Revolutionary PE Solution is completely different from anything you've ever seen before. My solution addresses the root cause of PE, which doctors are still getting wrong...
    • The ProLONG Protocol works by fixing the root cause of PE -- and no, feeling too much sensation, or getting too excited, is NOT the cause of PE -- instead, PE is caused most often by overly-tight pelvic floor muscles. And with a very simple 2-Second Technique, you can relax the pelvic floor muscles and finally stop busting your load so soon -- this gives you full control...
  • Start lasting as long as you want -- even 60 or 90 minutes
    • Overcome the Caveman Reflex without having to control anything or use mind games or thick condoms or desensitizing liquids -- the 2-Second Technique makes sex last, and last, and last...with NOTHING to remember or do differently...
    • And the more you use this technique, the longer you can last...30 minutes turns into 60 minutes...60 minutes turns into 90 minutes...some men even find themselves lasting 2 full hours with my ProLONG Protocol! And then you're blowing your wife or girlfriend away with your ability to Last 30 Minutes or More Every Single Time you do it...

  • Enjoy more pleasurable sexual experiences
    • Now that you're Lasting As Long As You Want, you are able to enjoy so much more're no longer stuck up in your head, trying not to come. Instead, you are fully in the moment, able to enjoy every single minute of pleasure and feel it all with no distractions whatsoever...
    • With this 2-second technique, it's easy to Lose Yourself in the Experience Without Losing Control. Now you're feeling more pleasure, and you are connecting with your partner in a deeper way... so sex becomes even better than you thought possible...the way it should be for every man, until the day he dies...

  • Feel more confident and dominant in the bedroom
    • You're loving this feeling...because you have Complete Confidence in your abilities to last 30 minutes or more whenever you're with a woman. So you know you have what it takes to blow her mind in bed. And odds are, you're about to Be the Best She's Ever Had...
    • So many men are only lasting 5 or 10 minutes, and women are too polite to say anything, even though they're not getting what they need from intercourse this way...Which is why when you use the ProLONG Protocol, you become the Dominant Alpha Man every woman wants. You are able to outperform any other man, even guys half your age. You know it and they know it that you've got them beat...
  • Increase your arousal levels
    • When you are using this 2-second technique, you will see how easy it is to be Monitoring Your Own Arousal during intercourse -- so you never hit your peak too soon ever again. You will be able to control your arousal levels whenever, wherever you are, and it is effortless...and it boosts your libido, so you have more drive and more sexual energy all the time...
    • You'll also discover how to swim in the Great Lake of Pleasure -- when you're feeling aroused and you're in a big lake, and there's a waterfall on one end with big pools of pleasure leading up to it...You want to stay in these Pools of Pleasure for as long as you can and only crest that waterfall when you're good and ready...
  • Avoid gimmicks and numbing agents
    • With my ProLONG Protocol, there are NO mind games, nothing to memorize or remember...
    • There are NO numbing agents to use -- no creams, no ointments, no gels.
    • You do NOT need to buy any herbs or medications to use my ProLONG Protocol.
    • You don't have to buy anything at all... it's FREE!

...and you can also get my entire Sex God Transformation course for only $1...

See what my students are saying about my protocols:

ProLONG Protocol

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