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Hey, Matt Cook here, and for years it has mystified me...

"Why do my protocols work for most men, but not for all of them?"

Then one day, a man named Les emails me with this story:

"I am a 69-year-old man who has had great sex up until the last 2 years...

Then the ED started setting in...

No more morning wood, and weaker and weaker erections...

I went to the doctor and asked him what might be causing it, but he had no clue.

He just gave me a sample of Viagra to try.

Now I'm really worried.. I'm not ready to give up sex yet!

Can you help me, Matt?"

These are the kinds of stories I hear from men every single day as a health researcher...

So I'm writing and researching and helping men with erection problems....

...and then men like Les say, "Why aren't your protocols working for me, Matt?'"

Here's an email to me -- from Keith:

"I am 53 and having some issues down below...

I tried testosterone injections and that helped with my energy levels, but did nothing for the 'hard boy.'

So I tried Viagra, but it did not do much for me.

My doctor doesn't have any other suggestions at this point.

Now he is telling me to just "get used to it" because these things happen to older guys...

But I don't want to get used to it. Can you help me, Matt?"

Why aren't my protocols working for these men?

So I begin finding obscure and little-known studies...

...I'm going back 75 or 100 years...

...reading studies from Iran, from Pakistan, from Tanzania...searching for answers...

Because it's true -- so far, my protocols work for most men... but what about the rest?

Two years go by... I'm finding so many great stories from men that I'm helping...

...but there are still those cases that are simply not responding at all.

Then one day, I find a little quote from a famous urologist, and it makes me sit up and take notice...

Dr. Jon Pryor isn't just any physician...

He happens to be the Dean of Urology at the University of Wisconsin...

...and he references a series of autopsies on men of all ages...

...and these autopsies show a startling result...a shocking result...

A result nobody expects. Nobody can explain. Nobody can account for...

Because 22 out of every 100 men show significant scarring in their penis...

What do I mean by scarring?

It's as if you got a big cut, and your body forms a scar on the cut, and everyone can look at you and see this big, ugly scar.

But it's inside the penis. Where nobody suspects it.

Remember, 22 out of 100 men have this. They died of all sorts of causes -- accident, old age, heart attack.

Some are 20 years old and some are 100.

And 22 out of 100 men, average men, typical men...have a penis literally stuffed to the gills with scar tissue.

Tangled wads of protein known as collagen. Disorganized tangled strands of scar tissue.

The Dean of Winsconsin labels it "penile fibrosis" and concludes that none of the men have ever had a diagnosis for it.

In fact, it's highly likely they never even knew they had penile fibrosis at all.

Now, these are men who are dead. Does it matter if they had penile fibrosis when they were living?

And what does it mean to you and me?

Well, it means a lot...

This is probably the most important discovery that I've made by connecting the dots...

It accounts for all the ED where you think you've done everything, but the guy still can't get an erection to save his life.

So what is penile fibrosis and how do you know if it's affecting your erections?

Penile fibrosis is a condition where built-up of scar tissue forms inside the penis.

This scar tissue forms over time from collagen in the body.

And you may be thinking: "Isn't collagen good for the body?"

And yes, collagen is a good thing, but not when it builds up in one place -- like the heart, kidneys, or penis.

Not when it's collagen in the form of scar tissue.

Scar tissue in the penis is very bad.

It's like water -- water is a great thing for the body, but not when it gets into the tissues.

And it's the same way with collagen.

When collagen builds up in the penis, rope-like strands of scar tissue form and run through the penile erection chambers...

These are the blood vessels that are supposed to feed the penis with a good blood supply...

Picture it like a drinking straw filled with hot wax...

A drinking straw filled with hot wax will eventually harden. The wax will harden and clog up the straw, rendering it useless, right?

So then you won't be able to suck up any liquid through the straw.

The straw won't work anymore.

Well now, instead of picturing a drinking straw, picture your penis -- and this is what happens to the penis with penile fibrosis.

Knots of scar tissue form in the penile chambers just like that hot wax... and over time, this scar tissue expands and begins restricting blood flow...

And when blood flow is blocked off in the penile chambers, erections start to suffer...

And it turns out, penile fibrosis is much more common than anyone realizes.

Remember what Dean Jon Pryor, the famous urologist says?

22 out of 100 men have it and don't even know it.

So why don't they know they have penile fibrosis? It's because...

...doctors don't know anything about penile fibrosis...

The simple fact of the matter is this -- doctors don't learn about penile fibrosis in medical school.

And it's not their fault. The big pharmaceutical companies control what doctors learn in school.

And they even control what doctors learn once they're out of school.

The only studies doctors see are the ones that make the Big Pharma drugs look good.

They convince doctors to prescribe their pills and surgeries, and that's all.

So most doctors never hear about penile fibrosis, and so their patients don't know about it either.

So how do you know if you are suffering from penile fibrosis?

Well do this quick test right now, it will only take a minute...

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Has it been weeks, months, or years since you woke up with morning wood?
  2. Do you rarely or never get good erections?
  3. Do you have a bend or lump in your penis?
  4. Have your load sizes gotten smaller?
  5. Do you experience any pain during sex or during arousal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from penile fibrosis.

Note this: you do NOT need a bend. Or a knot there. Or a hard spot. You can have a perfectly normal-feeling penis and still have penile fibrosis.

Maybe 5% of men have a lump, a bend, or a hard area there. Most don't and they STILL have penile fibrosis.

You can't feel the scar tissue with your fingers. It's not "palpable" as doctors like to say.

But it's there. It's killing any chance of an erection.

By the way, you may have heard of a disease called Peyronie's that is a type of penile fibrosis, but much more rare.

With Peyronie's, there is a physical bump, lump, or bend to the penis:

But with most penile fibrosis, there isn't any noticeable change to the shape of the penis.

So Peyronies is a TYPE of penile fibrosis. But 95% of men who suffer from penile fibrosis do NOT have a bend, knot, or hard spot in their penis.

But they have significant scar tissue inside the penis, hurting erections in the same way, and they can't feel it and their doctors can't feel it.

It isn't "palpable."

But they still are suffering from it...

But here's the good news -- both penile fibrosis and Peyronie's can be fixed... but first a little more bad news:

...penile fibrosis gets worse and worse unless you do something to reverse it...

As the scar tissue continues to build up, men start getting worse and worse blood flow...

...until they are no longer getting erections at all anymore, sometimes even for years...

And ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis do nothing to reverse penile fibrosis.

ED drugs do not remove the scar tissue that is blocking up the penile arteries and hurting penis blood flow.

And if left untreated, penile fibrosis will end your sex life forever...

But luckily, it's quite reversible in most men.

I've discovered a way to safely destroy the scar tissue that leads to penile fibrosis, and naturally restore erections in most men...

It took me months to develop, but I kept hearing Les and Keith's stories in my head, pushing me forward...

I became a regular at the library, made friends with the librarian's assistant who helped me track down all the medical journals I needed...

And I found this study:

And I read about how they're using million dollar machines to destroy the scar tissue in the penis with ultrasound waves.

It's called the Gainswave procedure, and it doesn't come without risks. Or a hefty price tag.

I figure there must be an easier way to get the same effect. Something any man can do on his own...

And just two weeks later, while standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth with my brand new electric toothbrush...

...I realize I'm holding the remedy in my hand.

I call it the Toothbrush Technique, and it safely removes the scar tissue in the penis, improving penis blood flow...

And this technique is 100% natural. No chemicals or drugs are needed at all.

All you need is an electric toothbrush and 2 minutes to spare in the morning or at night.

And once you start using the Toothbrush Technique for a few weeks, you will naturally destroy the scar tissue in your penis that is hurting blood flow and hurting erections.

And most importantly, you will naturally reverse penile fibrosis (or Peyronie's) and restore good, solid erections again...

And you will never have to worry about scar tissue building up in your penis anymore.

Here's what Les wrote to me after trying the Toothbrush Technique...

"Matt, this is WORKING!

I have been doing what you suggested in the bathroom at night with great results.

Starting to get regular erections again, even a little morning wood!

I know I still have some work to do, but things are already getting better.

Thank you!"

And here's what Keith wrote to me after he tried the Toothbrush Technique...

"Hey Matt, I have been using your technique and suggestions...

...and WOW! The other morning I slept in and woke up with a huge hard-on!

My wife immediately wanted to suck me off and it was incredible.

We've been making love like crazy now.

My wife and I are both so happy that we are getting this part of our life back. Thank you!"

And this is exactly why I do what I do -- I love to help men like Les and Keith naturally reverse their ED and enjoy the sex life they've always wanted.

Since helping them, I've been able to help more than 40,000 other men reverse penile fibrosis and restore their erections.

Even doctors are now emailing me about their penile fibrosis!

So go ahead and give my Toothbrush Technique a try for FREE right now.

Without even knowing it, this could give you the strong, long-lasting erections you didn't even know you were missing...

Here are all the benefits of using my Toothbrush Technique to naturally reverse penile fibrosis or Peyronie's:

  • Restore regular, solid erections
    • Once the scar tissue is gone from your penile arteries, blood flow will improve, restoring good, solid erections again...
    • Enjoy getting morning wood again and getting an erection whenever you feel like it...

  • Enjoy bigger-looking, more engorged erections
    • Now that blood flow is improving, your penis is filling up with even more blood, making it more engorged and bigger-looking...
    • Get ready for the look on your wife or girlfriend's face when she sees the kind of erections you're sporting now...
  • If suffering from Peyronie's, no more bend or bump
    • If you've been diagnosed with Peyronie's disease, the Toothbrush Technique will help you too.
    • Once the scar tissue dissolves, the bend, bump, or lump you have in your penis will go away -- but it will take a little time...

  • More stamina
    • Better blood flow means erections stay full and engorged for longer, meaning you can last longer in bed, satisfying your partner...
    • Start lasting 30 minutes or more every time you get an erection, thanks to clear penile arteries and better blood flow.
  • Boost testosterone
    • Now that the penis is getting great blood flow again, the Leydig cells in the testicles are able to function more efficiently...
    • So now the Leydig cells are making more natural testosterone while you enjoy regular, full erections again... it's a win-win
  • Bigger loads
    • With the penis in great health with good blood flow, the reproductive system starts working better overall...
    • This means healthier semen quantities and blowing bigger loads!

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