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New Natural Hormone Has Her Gasping In Astonishment

Produces Profound Feelings Of Love And Connection -- And Mind Boggling Erections

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I've discovered how to activate a natural hormone in the brain that instantly creates feelings of pleasure and happiness...

And it amplifies my desire for my wife, increases my confidence, and even helps strengthen my erections!

It may well be the secret of happiness and contentment -- and lots of great sex...

And here's the best part...

When I activate this one natural hormone, it pulls my wife to me like a magnet...

In fact, the moment I activate this one hormone, we're like two teenagers in love again.

My wife, Jodi, comes up to me and she is rubbing my back and kissing my neck...

And we are cuddling and it leads to more, and before we know it, we are having sex in the middle of the day on the couch.

It's just like when we first met and couldn't get enough of each other.

Except now this is happening all the time, thanks to this powerful hormone that is keeping us in the "honeymoon phase" even after 30 years of marriage.

And I'm not the only one benefiting from this powerful natural hormone...

There are other married men, men with girlfriends, and men who are single and looking...

And they are all taking advantage of this powerful natural hormone to have an amazing sex life.

David L. sent me a message saying:

"My wife is really trying to please me and really wants to get me off. And when she does, wow...

Let me tell you, it's almost mind blowing when she does!

This morning I was kissing her goodbye while she was still in bed...

And I was stroking her hair and she was stroking my head and face and things like that...

Nothing like under the clothes or in a sexual fashion, but I could feel myself becoming erect in my pants!"

And Bruce says:

"Our love life is better than anything I've ever experienced before. So good that I feel guilty about feeling so happy!

We've been having intercourse every day for about a month, with only a few exceptions, often twice a day."

And James who is single wrote to tell me:

"I was skeptical at first... but now I'm starting to have erections at night and at random times during the day...

I am also able to maintain my erection longer!"

Then there's Bill who says:

"I am a 60-something widower with a younger live-in girlfriend.

She was on the verge of leaving me... but we took a chance and tried what you said...

And since then, things have turned around and I'm happy to say she glows like a well-loved woman, she's content, and some days she has a difficult time walking!"

And Ralph says:

"My wife and I (47 years) tried what you said this morning and this is my OMG moment of the year.

It was fantastic. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

And a guy named D.J. says:

"Had ED. Tried exercises, herbs, cleanses, diets, fasts, pharmaceuticals. Nothing worked.

Found your work, Matt, and now I feel much better and happier.

I am able to look people in the eyes. More confidence. More hope for the future.

I am able to enjoy hanging out with women (I hated being with women before).

I am not yet fully recovered but I am experiencing more and much harder morning wood.

I would recommend this to anyone."

So pay close attention... because I'm showing you exactly how to activate this natural hormone to produce automatic ecstasy...

So you can do this on your own or with a partner -- and either way, you will be feeling incredible pleasure and happiness.

And it works no matter what you look like, what kind of physical shape you're in, or how much money you make...

It doesn't matter if you're big or small down there, or if you're getting good erections now or not...

None of that matters because this powerful natural hormone trumps it all.

This powerful hormone bypasses all of a woman's doubts and makes her feel incredibly close to you...

She trusts you, respects you, adores you...

She feels incredible desire for you and wants to be your loyal, loving woman for as long as you'll have her.

When you get home from a long day's work, she is waiting for you with no clothes on...dinner cooking in the oven...

And she is going out of her way to make you feel as good as she is feeling.

And boy, does it feel good! This hormone takes sexual pleasure and puts it over the top.

So what is this powerful natural hormone?

It's not testosterone and it's not DHEA or DHT, or progesterone, or anything like that...

It's a hormone that is produced only in the brain.

And it's been dubbed the "happiness" hormone by scientists and researchers alike.

And no, it's not serotonin or dopamine...

It's oxytocin!

Oxytocin is the powerful natural hormone that produces feelings of love, intimacy, and pleasure.

And it's the true hormone for happiness, especially in the bedroom.

Because the more oxytocin you have, the more pleasure you feel. It intensifies orgasms!

It's oxytocin that makes you think "Wow, this feels so good, I want to do it again and again!"

It's what takes sex from good to great.

It's what makes you fall for someone and want to continue having sex with them for years to come.

Think back to when you first met and started dating your wife or girlfriend...

Remember that addictive giddy feeling you would get when she would call you, or when you'd kiss or after you would have sex?

That big smile you'd have plastered across your face the rest of the day... that good mood that nothing else could spoil...

Well all those good feelings are produced by oxytocin!

Oxytocin gets activated in the brain and it bonds us to that person and makes us feel especially close and desired.

Oxytocin is nature's love glue!

One study finds that new lovers have double the oxytocin levels than anyone else!

And the same study found that couples with the highest levels of oxytocin stay together longer and are more attuned to each other.

Oxytocin improves their communication and lowers stress levels, and it makes it so they almost never fight anymore.

They have the best, most loving relationships... and it almost always translates into a fantastic sex life!

And what's more, oxytocin can even help men with their erections!

In fact, this study found that oxytocin gives males almost instantaneous erections!

So oxytocin can increase the quality of your erections...

It can increase the length of time you can keep an erection...

And it can increase the number of times you can come!

So for men who have good blood flow, good testosterone levels, and still can't seem to get good erections with their wife or girlfriend... may be a lack of oxytocin...

Oxytocin is the key to having super passionate, super pleasurable sex with a woman who is really, really into you.

Oxytocin is the missing link for a lot of single men I talk to.

These men are having trouble connecting to women, struggling to keep a girlfriend or perform in the bedroom.

And it's because there is a serious deficiency in oxytocin. Their brains are not producing enough.

It can be genetic, it can stem from a traumatic experience, or it can be caused by significant stress.

But the problem stems from not having enough oxytocin -- and don't worry because I'm going to show you exactly how to trigger more...

...safely, naturally, with just a few simple bedroom activities you can do as soon as tonight!

And if you've been married for a while like I have... know how sometimes it seems that sex just doesn't feel as good as it used to?

For me, one of my lowest points, I came to the realization that my wife and I haven't even attempted to have sex in over 3 months.

The last time we tried, she was getting so frustrated waiting for me to get hard enough to penetrate her...

I don't know what was going on, but I kept going soft, no matter what I tried!

At the time, my T levels were high, my blood flow was great, and I really wanted to have sex...

I just couldn't stay hard. I wasn't "in it." Something felt disconnected.

And it felt awful not being able to have sex with my wife, seeing the disappointment and confusion in her eyes.

"Why am I not feeling sexually excited by my wife anymore?"

These are things I asked a doctor about when I was desperate for help.

I was still finding my wife physically attractive and still very much in love with her... but the pleasure and excitement of sex was gone.

Of course, the doctor couldn't help. He told me it was all in my head and offered to prescribe me pills (they didn't work).

The doctor said this happens to all married couples after a while, and that I should "start getting used to it..."

But I didn't want to get used to it!

If you're not getting pleasure and happiness out of sex, what's the point in having sex at all?

And cheating or divorce wasn't an option for me.

I was and am still very much in love with my wife and I would never want to destroy my marriage.

So many of my friends and even family members were living in dead bedrooms at home, not having sex at all.

Instead, they were having furtive affairs and living in dishonesty and drama.

Not for me.

So I resolved to figuring this thing out on my own...

And I had one extremely helpful advantage -- I was already a full-time health researcher...

So I was already positioned to spend hours every day reading studies and figuring out how to reignite the spark in our marriage, get pleasure out of sex again, and restore my erections.

I had already been trying all the traditional options -- like marriage counselors, introducing novelty in the bedroom with new positions, penis pumps, toys...

But none of it worked.

In fact, my friend of many years who himself is a marriage counselor told me it's all crap and that he wouldn't even do it with his own wife.

I could have given up at this point... but instead, I kept searching...

I read every article, book, and medical journal I could find.

I visited people all over the world, people who are so-called "sex experts."

I dedicated the better part of two years to this mission, and eventually I struck gold...

I discovered a small, secret group of men and women hiding out online, discussing something called "oxytocin."

They had all been studying this one powerful hormone for years and welcomed me with open arms.

"The problem is a lack of oxytocin," they tell me. "It's not your fault."

I start learning how important oxytocin is and how it can easily dry up in a long-term relationship.

It can be as easy as forgetting to take the trash out sometimes.

Stressors in life like work, paying the bills, and raising a family can zap you of your oxytocin.

You start producing less and less...

And it doesn't just hurt your relationship, it hurts your confidence, your erections, and your happiness as a person.

So how can I get more oxytocin?

Is it as easy as popping a pill?

Well, I found oxytocin supplements and I bought some and tried them out...

And they flopped. Literally a giant flop.

I spent a lot of money and they were absolutely worthless. No reaction at all.

That's how I learned the hard way that this artificial oxytocin doesn't have the same effects as the natural oxytocin produced by the body.

I realized I would have to find a way to naturally trigger more oxytocin, without the help of supplements or pills...

The secret group of sex researchers I had discovered online had many theories they were willing to share with me about naturally increasing oxytocin...

But all of their theories were extremely complicated and too hard to implement in real life.

So I went back to the drawing board...

I started dissecting everything this group had managed to dig up.

I wanted to lay my own eyes on every piece of research and take my own detailed notes.

Because I wondered if any of these complex oxytocin-producing practices could be simplified...if I could give them the Matt Cook spin...

...and create simple, quick activities that can trigger more oxytocin the same way, but faster...

So that's exactly what I do!

I start my very own oxytocin-building experiments at home, both by myself and with the help of my wife.

Jodi is hesitant at first, but as soon as she sees that it is working, she is fully onboard.

And just 6 months later, we are feeling just as in love and crazy about each other as we did when we first met 35 years ago!

In fact, I feel more sexually excited by her now than I ever did back then... and good news -- my sturdy erections came back!

And it all just keeps getting better...

Now my wife's libido is completely rejuvenated, to the point where she is initiating sex morning, noon, and night...

She's gone from a woman who was rarely interested in sex to someone who wants to do it all the time!

She says to me, "This is sex how it should be." And I completely agree.

Now I'm happy and proud to report that my wife and I are doing it at least 4 times a week, usually for 30 minutes or an hour.

And it's unbelievably good, I mean the sex is better than it's ever been.

It's like a whole new plane of existence, where pleasure is much more intense than anything you've ever felt before.

And I don't say this to brag, but to prove to you how powerful oxytocin really is!

And another exciting thing that happened with my wife -- we finally stopped talking about "our relationship" all the time.

We stopped the nagging and the bickering... we stopped arguing about silly things like who last had the keys or did the dishes...

Now we just go to the bedroom and have sex! LOL

And we feel so much more connected to each other. We're acting like a bunch of newlyweds!

In fact, our kids told us to get a room and stop grossing them out because we were being so affectionate in front of them the other day.

And our friends and family members all want to know what our secret is...

They want to know: did we go to a workshop or some couples retreat in the mountains?

Are we seeing a new marriage counselor?

Of course it's none of those things -- it's oxytocin!

And that's when I knew that this discovery was something other men (and women) can benefit from...

I call it the Oxytocin Protocol.

And it's so simple, so easy to do.

It's just some simple bedroom activities you can do alone or with a partner to immediately start increasing oxytocin.

And as soon as you start doing one or more of these activities, you are building up more and more oxytocin in your body naturally.

You are restarting or increasing the natural production of oxytocin in the brain, and you're feeling more pleasure and more happiness...

You're feeling more connected to your wife or girlfriend...more in love and desired...

And if you're single, you have the confidence to go after any girl -- and she wants you even more than you want her.

Take it from this guy who's been succeeding with oxytocin:

"Well I'll be damned... I did EXACTLY what you recommended, and it actually worked.

F*cking genius. Got a lot of great responses.

And just last night, this tattooed, pierced hipster chick came right over and f*cked me absolutely silly."

This is the power of increasing oxytocin this way.

And I think you will soon agree that sex with high oxytocin is an experience like no other.

Every cell in your body will be tingling with pleasure...

You will feel like you and your partner are in your own little world, far, far away from everything and anyone else.

And your erections will be harder than you've ever felt in your life.

And this works even for men who have been struggling with ED or performance problems -- when you've tried everything else, this is usually the missing link.

Try my Oxytocin Protocol and see for yourself -- I'm giving it away free today.

I am on a mission to see more loving Oxytocin Couples in the world...

I want to hear about your 50-year strong marriage and how you're still having sex every day or every other day.

I want to hear how you're dating and connecting with multiple beautiful women who are all fighting over you.

I want to hear about how you've reconnected with your ex and having explosively good sex now.

So I'm sharing my oxytocin-building activities with any man (or woman) or wants them.

That means my Oxytocin Protocol is free for you right now -- and you can start increasing your oxytocin naturally as soon as tonight!

Here are all the benefits men are enjoying with my FREE Oxytocin Protocol...

  • Higher oxytocin for life! I'm showing you how easy it is to naturally trigger more oxytocin in the brain and keep oxytocin levels high for decades to come with simple bedroom activities that are very pleasurable to do. I'm also going to help you avoid the Oxytocin Morons that drain this powerful hormone and hurt your natural oxytocin production... like certain common medications that many men are currently taking. Check your bottles -- and don't let these work against your oxytocin gains!
  • Exciting, passionate, and pleasurable sex... and lots of it! The quick and easy bedroom activities you do alone or with a partner produce more oxytocin, which creates that passionate, in-love feeling... and it gets you and her wanting to do it all the time! Even if she has said she's done with sex, her libido will be reignited by the powers of oxytocin. And when you have sex, the pleasure is so much greater than before... it's you can't wait to do it again and again and again...
  • Strong, sometimes spontaneous erections! Studies show that oxytocin has the power to give males almost instant erections, and these erections are naturally harder and longer-lasting. Oxytocin also makes it easier for guys to get hard again right after finishing -- so you can do it twice or maybe even three times in one day if you want. That's the benefit of living the High Oxytocin Life!
  • More love and intimacy! Scientists call oxytocin the "love hormone" for good reason -- it creates a bond and a feeling of closeness between partners, increases intimacy and trust, and produces that "in-love" feeling we are all addicted to. The "honeymoon period" everyone always refers to -- it's talking about the couples with high oxytocin... which means that honeymoon period never has to end if you keep oxytocin high this way!
  • Deeper connection with a woman! Oxytocin makes your relationship with your wife or girlfriend stronger by improving communication and trust. It's the reason why my wife and I never argue anymore. Your friends and family will all be jealous and dying to know your secret when you and your wife or girlfriend are behaving like two teenagers in love, the very image of the perfect couple that everyone else wants to be!
  • More happiness and positivity! People with higher oxytocin levels have a generally sunnier optimistic outlook on life and the future, and they are positive people to be around. This hormone is a natural mood booster and since it's produced in the brain, the effects are almost instant. Oxytocin has even been known to lift people out of depression. Your whole life can turn around thanks to oxytocin...
  • Greater confidence! When you are a man with high oxytocin, your confidence is through the roof. You are sure of yourself as a man and women LOVE that. You know that you can attract women, and you know that you can get hard and stay hard, and it gives you the confidence other men only wish they had. Single men often find women approaching them for a change -- and then there's nothing else the guy has to do! The girl wants him and wants him bad...
  • Healthy social life! Studies show that higher oxytocin levels make people more sociable and friendly, and people are always drawn to this and more likely to trust you and open up to you, especially women. One study even suggests that women may be more willing to share their sexual fantasies when oxytocin levels are high...Try it and see!

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