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Are drug companies covering this up?

The Manly Element Erases Joint Pain, Raises Testosterone, Sex Drive, and More -- and It's as Safe as Table Salt!

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I've discovered a natural powder that is so potent and so powerful... can bathe you in soothing healing goodness...

...obliterate the need for dangerous, addictive drugs like opioids...

...and make life as physically and romantically rewarding as it was when you were a young man.

I call this powder the Manly Element -- because not only does it safely erase joint pain in men... raises testosterone, lowers estrogen, raises sperm quality, increases the quantity of semen a man ejaculates...

...and even boosts a man's sex drive.

All from one remarkable powder that you can buy at any store for less than two bucks.

So why haven't you heard of this Manly Element before?

Big Pharma hates the Manly Element -- because of how cheap it is.

And it can't be patented!

I'm not exaggerating when I say you can get it for less than $2 -- and that will get you a huge box that will last months and months.

The Manly Element cannot be patented, it can't be sold for big profits -- it's natural and mined from the Earth.

So Big Pharma goes to great lengths to never talk about the Manly Element.

They don't teach doctors about it in medical school, and they certainly don't recommend it in place of their other expensive drugs.

Which is why you've probably heard very little about it, if anything at all.

But no worries -- that's exactly why I'm writing you today.

I want all men to know about the Manly Element and how beneficial it can be for your health and performance.

And most importantly, how it can remove the need for men to take dangerous prescription opioids for pain and arthritis.

Here's what opioids really do to men's health...

These pills have some very, very bad long-term effects.

For example, they're known to give men erectile dysfunction, man boobs, stubborn belly fat, and much worse.

And they're highly addictive. And so harsh on your liver.

Opioids can even promote diabetes in men. Opioids can ruin blood sugar.

I know you've seen those people in the grocery store, having to ride around on the electric scooters...

Because their feet and ankles are terribly swollen and painful.

Nobody told them these opioids could promote type 2 diabetes.

And now they're stuck with a chronic disease, on top of the chronic, debilitating pain that forced them to take the pain pills in the first place.

And the dirty secret of all is -- that opioids stop working well.

You keep taking them because you need them.

But the pain continues.

So now listen and pay close attention:

The great news is that you can avoid all that -- by using the Manly Element to banish your joint pain, arthritis pain, back pain, you name it.

So how did I discover the Manly Element?

It all started when I began suffering from terrible joint and back pain.

I also had debilitating headaches for years, that traditional treatments just didn't seem to touch.

The neurologist said he couldn't help me.

Over the years, I've tried Rolfing, massage therapy, several forms of acupuncture, pills...

...trigger point therapy, active release therapy, several forms of chiropractic therapy, and several other modalities that I cannot quite remember at this point.

That is quite a journey, wouldn't you agree?

I know there's a few others I forgot, but anyway, the point is I tried everything... everything possible... and nothing made the pain go away.

That is, until I discovered the Manly Element.

And I owe Dr. Rex Newnham for that -- it's because of his work that I stumbled onto this Manly Element...

Dr. Newnham was the first person to bring to light all the benefits of this Manly Element.

He had developed arthritis while working as a plant and soil scientist in Australia in the 60s.

And he found no relief with traditional treatments -- which is why he turned to plants and natural remedies.

And after years of experimentation, he identified this one Manly Element as a powerful, natural arthritis cure.

After just 3 weeks of using the Manly Element, Dr. Newnham's pain, swelling, and stiffness was completely gone!

Plus he had some other positive effects, which I'll get to in a moment...

...incredible results from something cheap and natural and found in huge supply!

So naturally, he published his results, expecting widespread celebrations in the medical field...

...but health and medical authorities weren't interested...

Dr. Newnham refused to be deterred, so he started selling the Manly Element himself to thousands of happy patients.

Eventually however, Dr. Newnham couldn't keep up with the demand, so he approached a drug company with a proposal to market it...

And this became Dr. Newnham's gravest mistake...

The drug company he approached told him no, and gave this as the reason...

“This inexpensive supplement would replace more expensive drugs and reduce their profits.”

And then they even went one step farther...

The drug company had representatives in the Australian government health ministries, so they used their pull and influence to declare the Manly Element as poisonous.

That's right -- Australia declared this Manly Element as unsafe and banned it nationwide.

And if that's not bad enough, they also fined Dr. Newnham $1,000 for selling this “poisonous” substance to the public.

It destroyed his reputation and made everyone believe that the Manly Element was dangerous.

So Europe filed suit and also banned the Manly Element...

...until it became known worldwide as a poison and something to steer clear from.

Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned the Manly Element from being added to foods... and it comes straight from the soil!

Now do you understand why you've never heard about the Manly Element before?

Poor Dr. Newnham was just trying to help people. And he was punished for it...

That's why I must get this out there, in honor of his work and his story.

Dr. Newnham passed away in 2008, but I will not let his discovery be forgotten.

I started doing my own research on the Manly Element, and I found that it is much more than just a natural arthritis cure...

The Manly Element also regulates men's steroid hormones and cytokines:

Steroid hormones include testosterone, DHEA, DHT, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and more.

And cytokines are helpful if you have germs or tumors, but they also cause a disease state in the body.

For instance, if you have chronic inflammation from cytokines, you will get very sick.

But what this study shows is that small daily and weekly doses of the Manly Element can keep these hormones and cytokines in check.

Free testosterone goes up by 25% or more, DHT goes up, estrogen drops by half, and cytokines go down to safe levels.

And here's another study showing even more benefits from the Manly Element:

Keep in mind, this is an animal study -- and it probably applies 100% to the human male.

This study done on rams in Egypt is solid.

The researchers found that adding the Manly Element to the ram's foods greatly increased their testosterone levels.

Semen quality also improved, and semen amount increased.

And on top of that, the Manly Element boosted thyroid function and improved metabolism.

And it had no adverse effects, only benefits. So let's recap...

The Manly Element erases joint and arthritis pain, increases testosterone, lowers estrogen and inflammatory cytokines, increases semen volume, and boosts metabolism.

But hey, I'm still not finished yet. There's more...

The Manly Element can also increase a man's drive, so he feels more like the young, horny teenager he used to be.

According to Dr. Forrest Nielsen, a research nutritionist with the U.S. government, the Manly Element “has a very positive effect on the male libido.”

So not only will you be blowing bigger loads with healthier swimmers, you'll also have a higher libido.

And the testosterone boost you get from using the Manly Element will only strengthen erections and help you last longer in bed.

Now do you see why I call it the Manly Element? It's man's best friend!

You just need to make sure you get the right amount -- not too much and not too little.

I've been experimenting with the Manly Element, and found a dose that works for me and probably will work for you too.

I take it in a specific way that ensures maximum effectiveness.

And ever since I've been supplementing with the Manly Element, I've felt better than I have in years.

After only a few days, my joint and back pain began to dull...

And within one month, I am feeling almost zero joint pain.

And here's what the Manly Element did for me in the bedroom...

Obviously, I'm not interested in fathering anymore children, but it's great to see much bigger loads spurting out when I come.

It gives me that manly feeling I had as a young twenty-something man with big loads and tons of confidence.

And my sex drive has increased which I didn't think was even possible!

I'm always ready to go now, whenever my wife gives me the green light.

And my erections are stronger, more frequent, longer-lasting...

But the real proof is in my testosterone levels. Here they are, nearly passing 900!

And all I'm doing is using this one, cheap Manly Element. And you can too!

I've put together specific instructions on how to use the Manly Element.

I will tell you how much to take, when to take it, and how to know if you're getting enough or too much.

But remember -- I'm not a doctor, so you must acknowledge that you are using this at your own discretion.

I can't be responsible for your health, but I can share with you the Earth's best natural remedies so you can take responsibility yourself.

And that's the goal here -- to break free from the Big Pharma rathole, which funnels men down to one prescription drug after another...

You can be naturally healthy, pain-free, and enjoying a great sex life for decades to come thanks to the Manly Element.

And you can be free of prescription drugs and their side effects and risks.

It's entirely up to you!

Here's what guys are saying about supplementing with the Manly Element...

One guy by the name of Lysser says:

Always had to take 6 Aleve per day. After 2 weeks, I need none and am pain free!

...while a man who wants to be known as “SimplyPut” says:

It was recommended to me by someone who had chronic severe arthritis. I have been
diagnosed with arthritis in my neck. I started taking it and it was like a miracle. I never
realized that a trace mineral that I take one a day in the morning could take away this
pain I've experienced for 5 years. I was told there was nothing I could do for it. I have
recommended it to 3 friends, all with the same results. The health food store owner
knew all about it.

And here's what Jorel has to say about using the Manly Element:

I use this to help with my ED due to using antidepressants, and it works quickly and
effectively. Within days, I was having no problems in the bedroom. Highly recommend
this to anyone that is having similar issues and doesdt want to use, or cant afford a
pharmaceutical fix!

But is it really safe...?

Now that the dust has cleared, Dr. Newnham has been proven 100% correct.

Safety tests have revealed that even if you eat huge amounts of the Manly Element you'll be fine -- it's safer than table salt.

I don't recommend you take too much, but if you do, it isn't going to hurt you.

(Always wise to talk to your doctor before taking anything new, if you are under a doctor's care or taking prescription medication, of course...)

And all those incredible sexual and joint benefits -- is why I'm giving away the Manly Element report for FREE, so you can benefit from it right away without paying a dime.

The choice is yours...

Here are all the benefits you will enjoy using the Manly Element:

  • No more joint pain or arthritis pain
    • Just a tiny pinch of the Manly Element can relieve joint pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis pains -- any kind of pain! And it's completely natural and fast-acting. Many men report less pain in as little as 3 days!
    • Studies show that in places where the soil is rich in this Manly Element, only 10% of the population has arthritis... whereas when the Manly Element is missing from the soil, arthritis cases go up by 70%!

  • Higher testosterone levels
    • Studies show that the Manly Element can increase testosterone by 25% or more in men -- which helps men build muscle mass, reduce belly fat, strengthen erections, increase stamina, and more...
    • Other important male hormones like DHT and DHEA go up as well! And it's completely natural and safe.
  • Lower estrogen levels
    • As the Manly Element helps raise testosterone in men, it also helps lower estrogen. This makes it unique because most testosterone treatments out there do raise T, but also raise estrogen too...
    • Estrogen is not good for men in high amounts, and the Manly Element works to keep estrogen levels in the right range. So you can say goodbye to stubborn belly fat, man boobs, and even pesky ED issues!
  • Higher sex drive
    • Men who use the Manly Element say their libido is restored within weeks, so they feel more like the horny young teenager they used to be!

  • Bigger loads
    • Studies show that supplementing with the Manly Element increases sperm volume in men... so get ready to blow much bigger loads, the kind that will impress her and make her think you've been saving it all up for her!
  • Better thyroid function
    • Believe it or not, the thyroid controls 80% of our body's functions. So it is critically important for our health and performance as a man...
    • The Manly Element boosts thyroid function by naturally increasing T3, which will give you a stunning boost in energy. You're going to be waking up feeling like you did 20 years ago!

  • Faster metabolism
    • When the thyroid is functioning at optimal levels, your metabolism will speed up and become more efficient...
    • So don't be surprised if the pounds start falling off you without any diet or exercise. That's just the Manly Element doing its job!
  • Less reliance on dangerous opioids and prescription drugs
    • Men who use the Manly Element don't need to take pain pills anymore -- because their pain is gone! While opioids come with loads of bad side effects and the risk of addiction, the Manly Element has ZERO side effects and is safe to take long-term...
    • Other prescription drugs for testosterone, sex drive, and ED may not be needed once you start using the Manly Element. And the less drugs you have to take, the better!

  • More confidence
    • Men using the Manly Element and experiencing all these amazing benefits become happier, sexier, more confident men...
    • Other guys will notice the difference and demand to know your secret... but it's up to you if you tell them!
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