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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I think every man would take another couple inches down there if they got the chance.

But can it be done? Is it possible?

Almost every man would love to be a bit longer, a bit thicker -- to be more confident with women and beat out other men.

So would you believe me if I told you I've found a natural way to unlock more length and girth down there?

Because today, for the first time ever, I'm revealing my extraordinary length and girth secret that was previously only available to a few of my most exclusive students!

Who will benefit the most using my length and girth secret?

  • Men who are serious about wanting to make the most out of what they've got down there
  • Men who want to improve their sexual attractiveness to women
  • Men who feel they are not reaching their true size potential
  • Men who want to look and feel longer and thicker down there
  • AND it's a great solution for men looking to avoid the need for certain dangerous and unproven "lengthening" techniques that can scar or injure a man for life

I discovered this length and girth secret by accident really, while I was traveling through Columbia...

I was lucky enough to run into an ancient Yurupari shaman living in a small village, and I watched as a long line of men formed outside his hut...

Curious, I joined them in line and waited my turn...

And when I finally entered the shaman's hut, he handed me what looked like a clod of dirt and motioned through sign language that I should swallow it.

It was the foulest thing I've ever put into my mouth...but...

But nothing. Nothing happened. How disappointing.

Then suddenly in the middle of the night, I wake up with a raging hard-on.

It is longer and thicker than I've ever seen my erections look before.

Amazed, I wake my wife Jodi up and she can't believe her eyes.

She gets so aroused by the sight of my massively thick and engorged member that we start making love right then and there.

And the next morning, I go back to the shaman's hut -- but this time I bring a translator with me.

I ask him to tell me everything about his mysterious mixture...

And once I get back home to the United States, I study my notes and think: "Is this real...or just a fluke?"

What if my longer, thicker boner was a one-off? What if it won't work again?

So I jump right into a new quest of trying to prove this foreign mixture really works...

I'm looking into every single ingredient and seeking out men who have used these ingredients before.

And to my complete and utter amazement, I find men from all over the world who swear their penis is really getting longer and thicker!

Men like Bid who says: "After we had sex last night, my girlfriend said: WTF, your penis is way bigger all of a sudden!"

"She was so surprised, she kept asking me over and over what I had done!"

And Bid only used it for 6 days!

Then I found Dirk who says: "I have personally gone from 6.5 to 7.5 inches, 3-4 months doing this and there are plenty of other similar testimonies on certain websites..."

And another guy who'd rather remain anonymous says: "It did help. Not with length, but with girth.

Didn't tell my girlfriend at the time and she noticed she was more filled out with me inside her. It was nice lol."

And another man saying: "My penis has grown about 3 1/2 inches in the last month. It started about 2 months ago, growing slowly each day."

So now I immediately start using what I have discovered to develop my own length and girth secret...

It might have taken a few years for me to get the ingredients exactly right...

I couldn't just use the ingredients the shaman was using in Columbia -- they were too difficult to get here in the States, and too expensive to buy.

So I had to experiment a lot to find suitable replacements...ingredients that did the same thing, only better and cheaper and easier to find...

Now fast-forward to today and men everywhere are using my length and girth secret to naturally add length and girth where it counts!

So why use my length and girth secret over other enlargement options out there?

Well, there are three main ways for men to increase size down there...

The first way is by stretching, either with your hands or a device.

Penis pumps and traction devices are the most popular. Some people call it jelqing.

But know that stretching the penis this way is intended to stretch the skin and create micro-tears in the tissue.

These micro-tears enlarge when they heal, which is supposed to make the penis look larger...although there's no proof that this method works long-term.

And stretching can easily be done wrong and cause scars or injury, and even ruin a man's ability to get an erection forever.

Take it directly from "M" -- a man who wrote to me about his traumatic experience with an extender device...

[This is a direct quote except where he mentions specifics that could give away his identity...]

"I was using the extender device somewhat aggressively...I guess I pushed it too far...

One week after injury, felt like a fresh muscle pull...

One month after injury, penis was mostly turtled and I was using ice to calm inflammation...

Now 11 months after injury, basically the same..."

"Feels like cold, throbbing bruise all the a very thin scalpel has been inserted..."

"Movements like walking, swimming, jumping, squats -- all seem to aggravate it...

Have basically stopped all sex and erections for the past 9 months...

Saw a urologist several weeks ago...still feel same level of pain and symptoms..."

And this man is STILL dealing with these problems...all from trying what he thought was a harmless lengthening device...

Then there's the second option -- surgery...

Which if you ask me is really mutilation.

Plus, it's dicey, expensive...and it may come with risks that you just aren't willing to take...

For instance, one study that looked into men who get penile enlargement procedures found that things go wrong more often than most men realize...

The authors wrote:

"Penile enlargement surgeries are often promoted and presented as safe with minimal risks, yet we have seen... the risks are significant.

In one case, a 48-year-old had fat injected under the skin on his penis. He suffered 'major penile shaft swelling and deformity'.

The penis, which resembled a potato, had to be sliced. The skin had to be peeled back to the body like a banana so the fat could be removed."

So you may have a larger penis by the end of it -- but what if the nerves are cut and you can't feel anything?

My length and girth secret is cheaper, safer, easier, and a whole lot more natural...

All you have to do is use a few special supplements.

But not the unnatural ones that are full of chemicals and sold by people trying to make a quick buck...

I'm sure you've probably seen or heard commercials for these enlargement pills that claim to grow a man's penis by 3 or 4 inches.

In my experience, these pills never work and they usually contain harmful excipients or chemicals that don't belong in a man's body.

And then there are steroids that some men take to get a longer, thicker penis...

One of the most popular steroids for penis growth is Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

But HGH is very inflammatory in the same way that estrogen is for men, so I don't recommend it.

And studies show HGH can also accelerate aging...not good!

I'd never put anything harmful like that in my body, and I'd never expect my students to either.

My length and girth secret uses only healthy, organic supplements that are good for men.

They're already found naturally in the male body, so they are safe for almost any man.

And these are the supplements that help the body -- they help naturally raise important male hormones like testosterone, DHT, and DHEA.

And when these important male hormones rise, the penis naturally lengthens and thickens as the testicles get heavier...

Even load size may increase!

I like to think it works a little like weight-lifting...

When you increase important male androgens like testosterone and DHEA, you're naturally growing your member...

...the same way you would grow a bigger muscle in the gym -- except there's no exercising you have to do.

So just as testosterone helps you grow bigger muscles, it also helps you grow a bigger member!

The cells in the penis multiply and expand...and the result is a penis that looks and feels longer and thicker...

And it gets better and better... each day you wake up a little longer and thicker, a little more confident...

Because no -- this is NOT an instant solution.

You will not take these supplements and instantly become larger. I would never promise a man that.

So though my length and girth secret will NOT turn a chihuahua into a Great Dane... it WILL lengthen and thicken your member to its full potential...

And by helping you boost these critically important male hormones, your sexual health as a man will also benefit.

For example, many men tell me this length and girth secret also helps boost drive and firm up erections!

More testosterone, more DHT, more DHEA...the higher these hormone levels are in a man, the better things are in the bedroom.

Erections become harder, fuller, more powerful-looking...

Sex drive climbs higher and higher...until you're feeling randy all the time, wanting it morning, noon, and night...

And you may even start lasting longer. Because these hormones do a lot for a man's stamina.

And my length and girth secret is designed to help support these hormones and help them rise higher and higher.

So by using my length and girth secret, you're actually taking care of your health...

It's like if you took your car into the shop for an oil change and they offered you the "works" package...

So instead of just an oil change, they'll also check all your fluids, pump up the tires, and make sure your car keeps running smoothly.

And that's how my length and girth secret works -- it covers your entire sexual health.

And why not give it a try? After all, it's free!

Here are all the benefits men can get out of using my FREE length and girth secret:

  • Helps you reach your full size potential...
    • Most guys would be proud to know that their penis is twice as long as they think it is! The reason is half the length of the penis is inside your body! Just like you don't see all of a big oak tree above ground, you don't see the root of your penis tucked up inside your pelvis and attached to your pubic bone...but now you can make the most of every inch! This will help you Become a Grower AND a Shower...
    • It's my very own Penis Maximizing Solution that I've tweaked and perfected and decided to share with other men. This can really help with length and girth, especially if you've shrunk or are recovering from an injury or operation...You can finally look down and be proud of what you see!

  • Allows you to avoid other dangerous and risky lengthening options...
    • There are so many things that claim to grow a man's penis. But...the Wrong Approach Can Be Dangerous. There's jelqing, stretching, penis pumps, vacuums, extenders, steroids, pills, surgeries -- and they all come with risks. Some men completely lose their ability to get an erection permanently after trying some of these methods...
    • The most important thing is to Be Safe Down There, and I believe my length and girth secret is the safest way to naturally look and feel a bit longer and a bit thicker...And there's nothing risky you have to do, nothing weird you have to buy. This is discreet and easy and does all the work for you!
  • Makes it easier to get good, hard daily erections...
    • It's super important for men to Get Erect Everyday for optimal health. My length and girth secret helps make daily erections happen automatically because you are boosting those important male hormones that good erections depend on and strengthening your natural erection pathways...So now morning wood is back and it's a strong firm tent pole that wants to last 20-30 minutes every time...
    • You see, doctors and scientists agree that men need to Use It or Lose It -- because if you stop getting hard and don't do anything about it, your penis may shrink up, your hormones will plummet, and you will start to lose functioning in your penis, possibly forever. Luckily, my length and girth secret not only helps with size, it helps with function too! So now erections are coming every day without you even thinking about it.

  • Bolsters sex drive in a big way...
    • Another added benefit of my length and girth secret is how it can start Driving Your Libido Higher by boosting these important male hormones men need for good sexual health. So now you're waking up in the morning feeling randy and staying that way all day...And you may even find yourself sneaking away to wank it in private because you're just that turned on!
  • Amplifies your sexual attractiveness to women...
    • The way my length and girth secret works is by boosting important male hormones...the same hormones that biologically make you sexy and attractive to women. With this, you are becoming a Master of Masculinity...where all you have to do is look at a woman a certain way or touch her arm and she is fawning all over you, even seducing you into bed!
    • Married men will find their wives or girlfriends treating them differently, acting flirty...going out of their way to look seductive...While single men will find it easier than ever to approach a woman and ask her out. In fact, she may even beat you to it!

  • More confidence and ambition as a man (and not just in the bedroom)...
    • Once you use my length and girth secret to unlock your full size potential, you are feeling a sense of confidence you've always been lacking. This is being sure of yourself in a way that other people notice immediately, especially other men who will respect you and maybe even fear you...Because you've found a way to Overpower Shyness and Reluctance and give yourself an edge over the competition...
    • Now you don't think twice about Pursuing More Sex. You are confident in what you are packing and what you can deliver. You have no problem walking up to a woman and hitting on her, and if you're in a relationship, now you saunter on over to your girl and put a move on her, and she practically melts into your bed!
  • ...and you're getting my Sex God Transformation system for just $1.00!
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