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Revolutionary: At last, the ESP method gives 100 times more pleasure and bliss

Hi there, Matt Cook here, and this ESP method will utterly transform your life, just like it has mine and thousands of guys...because you are now having sex 100 times more pleasurable than ever before, any time you want...

  • Have your wife or girlfriend wake you up and slide onto your penis, and make love for an hour or more, every day...
  • Have whole body orgasmic feelings for an hour or more, any time you have sex...
  • Have the stamina to last for hours, staring deeply into each other’s eyes while you are buried deep inside her.

I developed this ESP method that lets you experience tremendous sexual pleasure...

...where instead of 5 minutes of pleasure, you have 30 or 60 minutes that is 100 times better than it ever was before.

Here’s how the ESP method works:

I found this in some old Ayurvedic and Taoist texts.

Written by ancients who had sexual bliss beyond imagining that lasted all day and sometimes all night.

I took what they said and tried it. At first it didn’t work. But I continued. I grew frustrated. My wife Jodi said, why don’t you just go back to the old way?

But I knew I wanted to experience sex that was more pleasurable and better than ever.

So when I became an adult and started to think about sex with a partner, I thought the sex would be wonderful.

I thought I would just have so much fun with my girlfriend.

Except it didn’t happen that way.

Every time I would try to have sex, it didn’t work out that well. It wasn’t much fun. I’d often have E.D.

It was very stressful.

And not nearly as much pleasure as I could give myself, by myself.

It took many years, even decades, for this to change.

And when sex did finally change, it was a huge change for the better…

...because I spent years searching for an answer.

Why does sex become boring with the same person?

Why do I have erectile dysfunction?

Why do I have trouble getting hard and staying hard?

And why is sex less and less pleasurable?

To find out, I read every article, book, and medical journal I could lay my hands on…

I hung out with people all over the world, people who are so-called sex experts.

Then one day, I discovered a secret group of men -- and women -- online, hiding out, exchanging extremely detailed step-by-step discoveries for reaching and maintaining Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

Ultimately, this small group of men and women had mastered this art of Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

And they shared their experiences with each other, and with me.

The world opened up at that point, and I resolved that I was going to master this practice of Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

To be fair, it took a couple of months to really kick in, but even at the very beginning, it was much better than sex had been.

In fact, it feels like it can not get any better...and then it does get even better!

You are feeling more and more pleasure and not just in your penis but your entire body. You are enjoying hours of whole body orgasmic waves of bliss.

And then you’re ready to do it again.

Did I mention ready? Always ready. Ready any time, even if you’ve already done it just an hour ago. Ready morning, noon and night. Even guys who thought they were done with sex are ready all the time now.

This is the world of sexual abundance that you will enter through Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

Extreme Sexual Pleasure is the most incredible and transformational sex program ever delivered, and it’s yours for just one dollar now to try out in your life.

Extreme Sexual Pleasure brings you to a whole new level, even if you have great sex now and just want it to be even better.

And now, you are being blown away and your entire world rocked to the core because instead of 10 or 15 minutes of sex, now it’s hours at a time, every time.

And 100 times more feeling than ever before.

For men having difficulty getting erections... Extreme Sexual Pleasure will let any man have the most pleasurable sex ever, even a man with severe erection problems.

Because you are now having amazing sex immediately and it is getting better and better, better than you ever imagined.

In fact you are be thankful that you had erection problems since it led you to Extreme Sexual Pleasure. Nirvana Sex is the deepest and most profound place for any man.

Extreme Sexual Pleasure is a milestone in your life. Not since you reached puberty has anything happened to you that is this powerful.

And you have every right to have this sexual bliss in your life, for now and forever.

Videos, audios and transcripts

lovingly edited so you can watch or listen anywhere -- even at the gym, when you are doing the dishes or in the car.

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Secrets of endless sexual pleasure -- Nirvana Sex

Here it is -- Nirvana Sex, through a simple change in focus...and the secrets of hours-and-hours sexual pleasure system are revealed once and for all. Yes, this simple change in focus brings untold pleasure and sensation and leads to rock hard erections for hours at a time. This workshop has previously been presented to Matt's high end coaching clients (including US Congressmen, rabbis, pastors, physicians and many multi-millionaires).

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Sixty minutes of pleasure every day

You won’t want to stick to sixty minutes. You may want 60 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. And now your wife or girlfriend has opened up her literally bottomless appetite for sex with you. Even women in their 70s or beyond enjoy hours of sexual bliss with Extreme Sexual Pleasure.

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All On Board: Single, or married secrets

Nirvana Sex makes single men intriguing and attractive to women. With Nirvana Sex, you unlock the true secret of a woman desiring you now and forever. She has never met a man like you, and will never meet another. This creates lasting relationship bliss, and it is the best thing for a single man who wants to easily get sexually desirable and attractive women attracted to him..

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Married or Single - How to Get Hard and Last As Long As You Want

Married men will find that their wives become completely turned on and wanting to have sex for hours now. Single men will find that girls come up to them and touch them and give them their phone numbers and want to have sex on the first date and want to have a date. There is nothing that holds a candle to this attraction secret for either married or single guys. Especially when you have the most incredible intercourse imaginable were you to connect in bond and you feel more pleasure than ever before. Until the next time...

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Surfing Endless Pleasure Waves with Pleasure Centering

It’s incredible now that you are feeling pleasure waves starting from your penis flow into your entire body. Your whole body is now experiencing orgasmic sexual pleasure, waves and waves of whole body orgasmic bliss for hours at a time whenever you have sex....

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Deepening the Wall Socket Love Connection

Extreme Sexual Pleasure creates feelings of love and deep profound connection that poets write about and famous singers sing about...and it is now yours, feeling this love connection that you never dreamt possible...

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