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Suffering From Ringing in the Ears?
This New Method Destroys Tinnitus Fast While Raising a Man's Testosterone

Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you've ever experienced a ringing in your ears, you know how terrible it is...

But what you may not know is that this ringing of the ears -- it can correlate with low testosterone, and fixing it can actually RAISE testosterone...

In this short report, I'm going to share with you how I help men get rid of tinnitus and raise their T levels.

And these techniques work just as well for women, by the way...

Because my wife, Jodi, suffers from tinnitus and has for years. And she's how I figured this stuff out, believe it or not...

For Jodi, it's a never-ending noise she can't get to go away, no matter how hard she tries...

This noise can keep you awake at night, no matter how tired you are... can interfere with your productivity at work or around the house...making simple chores feel impossible...

It can stop you from enjoying things you love to do like hearing live music or going out to dinner with friends...

Bottom line: this ringing of the ears can utterly wreck your life...

...driving you crazy in the process and hurting your relationships with your loved ones...

For some people, it's like a freight train going by in their brains, rattling their eardrums.

For others, it's more mild -- but still a terrible thing to deal with.

Medically, it's called tinnitus.

And with tinnitus, doctors aren't sure what causes it or if there's a cure.

Some doctors believe it's caused by an ear injury where the ear was damaged, or simply chalk it up to age-related hearing loss.

But what about all the people with no history of ear damage and perfect hearing?

People like my wife, Jodi.

What is causing their tinnitus?

Well, being a health researcher, I decide to solve this mystery myself...

So I start spending huge chunks of time researching tinnitus to figure out what causes it.

And here's what I've found...

Believe it or not, certain medications can cause tinnitus...or make tinnitus symptoms worse.

I've found that certain antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics, cancer drugs, and antidepressants can all cause tinnitus.

And for some tinnitus sufferers, once they stop these pills, their tinnitus goes away.

But for many more, the tinnitus symptoms stay around long after the last pill leaves the body...

And some people aren't given the option of stopping these pills...some must keep taking these drugs to survive...

So I need to figure out how to help people who are suffering from tinnitus, whether they are taking medications or not.

Because one thing that's certain is that tinnitus tends to get worse with age...

And one thing that I found particularly interesting is how it affects men more often than women...

So what is causing this nonstop, buzzing, droning, ringing noise that so many people are suffering from -- if it's NOT medications?

First, to know if you suffer from tinnitus, use this quick symptom checker...

Do you regularly hear:

  • Buzzing
  • Roaring
  • Clicking
  • Hissing
  • Humming
  • Ringing
  • Squealing

...or some other type of noise that other people can't hear?

If so, you are likely suffering from tinnitus.

It affects more than 20 million people and yet there's still no real cure.

And when it comes to treatments for tinnitus, there are many -- but most of them fail to fix the problem...

There are ear drops you can find at CVS or Walgreens that claim to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus, at least temporarily.

There are hearing devices you can wear that attempt to neutralize the noise by covering it up.

There are even expensive white noise machines -- not to cure tinnitus, but to mask the problem.

And if you ask me, that's not good enough. It's like putting a bandaid over the problem.

So I don't recommend any of these approaches.

And what about supplements?

Well, I'm a big fan of supplements as you probably already know...

I know from my 20+ years as a health researcher that supplements can be just as powerful as drugs when used in the right way.

And many of these supplements are beneficial and healthy for us.

However, there are also some supplements that are downright harmful, that I don't recommend men use...

The most popular of those supplements that supposedly helps tinnitus...

...there's Ginkgo Biloba....

...and lipoflavonoid...

But sadly, both of these supplements were considered ineffective for tinnitus by more than 70% of the people who tried them...

More than 10% said these supplements made their tinnitus worse!

Now, there are also certain procedures some doctors recommend for tinnitus...

As one study puts it, surgical treatments of tinnitus include:

“...destructive procedures, neurectomies, stapedectomies and tympanic sympathectomies...”

Just look at that first word...destructive...

These procedures involve cutting and slicing open the nerves inside the ears.

And there's no guarantee that any of that will do anything to help tinnitus.

In fact, the same study found that 55% of people who got one of these procedures reported their tinnitus being the same or getting worse.

Patients also reported dizziness and vertigo, and some even suffered from hearing loss.

The study concluded that “surgical management of tinnitus, although successful in some cases, does not provide a valid and reliable mode of treatment for subjective tinnitus.”

So now, scientists are suggesting using TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation, to shock the brain and treat tinnitus.

But there's no proof that this will work either... and there is no hope for this being an affordable option for the millions of people suffering right now...

So most men (and women) suffering from tinnitus are left on their own, alone and struggling...

Some are even told to just “get used to it” and live their lives normally, as if tinnitus is not that big of a deal.

But if you have tinnitus, you know the truth...

You know how much you want this ringing in your ears gone.

I listen to my wife, Jodi, talk about her tinnitus and how awful it is...

She feels trapped inside her own brain sometimes, held prisoner by this ringing noise.

We've had plans to visit our daughter in New York City and had to cancel before -- because my wife was in agony.

The ringing in her ears had gotten even louder, causing a terrible migraine.

And this is what tinnitus can do to a person.

It forces you to tune out the world...

So when people speak, you can see their mouths move, but you can't focus on what they're saying.

All you can focus on is that annoying ringing noise that blocks everything else out.

It's like living life on a haze, in a fog...

And I did not want that to happen to my loving wife, so I continued throwing myself into the world of tinnitus research to find a solution.

That means I've been reading 20-30 tinnitus studies a day, working late into the evenings.

I've been experimenting on my wife, having her try different things to see if it helps.

And after weeks and months of all of this, of working over time to help my wife while still helping my 40,000+ students who need me too...

...I finally discover what's causing most people's tinnitus, something doctors never talk about...

Something called “endogenous opioids.”

Opioids, of course, are a type of drug -- but there are also natural opioids in the body.

These endogenous opioids -- I like to call them EO's for short -- they're the endorphins that make us feel good after exercise, eating, or having sex.

For instance, you know that relieved feeling you get when you sneeze?

That feeling is produced by EO's.

Or how about when you have a really full bladder and you're finally able to empty it -- that feeling of sheer relief and satisfaction when you start to pee...

Well that's from EO's too.

Because inside our bodies, we have what are called EO receptors.

And these EO receptors are in our skin, in our immune cells, in our gastrointestinal tract -- they're all over the body.


EO receptors are a part of our very nervous system, so they control a lot of our body's functions.

And believe it or not, I've found that over-triggering these EO receptors can actually cause tinnitus!

Here's how it happens...

The EO receptors in our body, they get over-triggered by stressors in our environment.

These stressors can be certain foods, medications, pollutants, chemicals...

It can even be something you're going through in your personal life -- problems at work, losing someone, fighting with your significant other.

All of these things can over-trigger the EO receptors in our body.

And when the EO receptors get over-triggered, too many EOs are produced...

The EO receptors get filled to the brim with opioids...and they start to overflow...

...something called the Barrel Effect...

All these extra EO's in the body irritate the nerves and overwhelm the entire nervous system.

And as you probably know, the nervous system works very closely with the brain...

It's the brain that processes signals from the nerves to produce sound. That's how you hear.

But when too many EO's are floating around, disrupting the nerve signals, the brain can't process the signals correctly...

And the result is a constant buzzing, ringing noise -- otherwise known as tinnitus.

This is why even deaf people still suffer from tinnitus!

So really, it has nothing to do with your has everything to do with your nerves!

And now I'm getting excited in my research because I'm realizing the big takeaway here...

If we can heal the nerves and calm down the EO receptors, we can reverse tinnitus!

And all the people suffering, like my wife Jodi... they can be rid of this annoying ringing noise once and for all.

The neverending buzzing, humming, roaring noise will fade away...

And all you'll hear is the silence of a quiet night.

Or the tune of your favorite song on the radio, uninterrupted.

And you can get back to enjoying your life again, free from tinnitus!

And guess what else happens when you lower these EOs?

For many men, lowering endogenous opioids RAISES testosterone!


Well anyone taking prescription opioids knows that these drugs can hurt testosterone and raise estrogen...

And it's the same with the natural EO's in our bodies -- too many can hurt a man's testosterone.

But when you lower EO's and calm down overflowing EO receptors... you can actually raise your T levels, often by a lot!

And what man doesn't want MORE natural testosterone?

Testosterone is like the holy grail for men when it comes to health, sexual performance, and attracting women.

Good testosterone levels protect the heart, keep the metabolism running hot and fast and help men build muscle instead of fat.

High testosterone benefits the prostate by reducing the risk of inflammation and preventing annoying pee problems.

Testosterone also charges up a man's libido and erections.

And more testosterone can actually help add length and girth to your penis -- it's that powerful!

And most importantly, good high testosterone levels can add decades to a man's life.

So again -- what man doesn't want more natural testosterone?

Especially if it is just coming as a bonus while relieving you from the chronic, constant ringing in your ears that is ruining your life!

So now the only thing left is... how do you suppress and lower EO's?

That's the brunt of what I've been researching for all these months...

Stumbling onto the cause was easy... but finding a solution? Much more difficult.

Fortunately, I'm very good at what I do and I have the time and patience to follow this quest to the bitter end.

And that's why I'm so excited to be able to share with you a real tinnitus solution that is working for my wife and that I hope works for you...

I call it the EO Destroyer.

And the EO Destroyer is a really simple method that pretty much anybody can use safely, whether you're on medications or not.

All it involves is two super foods mixed with some salt, pepper, and vinegar.

And it works by draining the body of all these extra EO's.

This mixture absorbs the extra EO's in the body and then harmlessly expels them.

And don't worry -- because these two “super” foods I mentioned... they're amazing, but they're ordinary too.

What I mean is, these foods are inexpensive and easily found at most stores. In fact, you may even have them in your kitchen already!

And in just 5 minutes, you can use this EO Destroyer method to start reversing your painful, annoying tinnitus...

...and finally free yourself from that awful, terrible ringing noise!

For my wife, Jodi, the EO Destroyer has been a godsend!

In just one week, the ringing in her ears quieted down...

In two weeks, it came and went for brief periods...

And in four weeks, her tinnitus was gone completely.


And all from something as simple as the EO Destroyer method, which I'm giving away for free today.

Yes, it's free. Because I just want to help people.

I've seen what the EO Destroyer has done for my wife, Jodi, and I want that for you too.

For most people, they only have to use this method for a few weeks for long-term relief.

Occasionally, like for my wife Jodi, the sounds of tinnitus can start to creep back...

...but then she just uses this method that I'm sharing with you now and it goes away again for a long, long time.

So picture it now -- your new life, thanks to the EO Destroyer method...

You're waking up to peace and more ringing, no more loud wooshing, whirring, or roaring...

All you hear is silence. Beautiful, glorious silence.

There's no more dizziness or vertigo, no more headaches...

You're sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed and full of energy.

You are living life to the fullest again.

You are going out with your friends and loved ones...having long and meaningful conversations with your partner...

You're more productive, more focused at work. You're getting things done in half the time.

And most importantly, you finally have your life back!

The one that was stolen from you by this terrible, debilitating condition.

Now you are doing anything you want, whenever you want...feeling an abundance of happiness and confidence.

You are FREE... just like the thousands of other people who are taking the leap of faith to try remedies such as this one.

So right now, today, you can get my entire report on tinnitus with the EO Destroyer method at no cost.

I will show you exactly how to use this method to beat tinnitus and take back your life...

...along with some alternative methods for extremely difficult cases, in the rare chance that it doesn't work for you...

And you can get this complete report for FREE just by trying my complete T-Rewind system for one dollar.

So here's everything you're getting:

  • Clear, crisp hearing...
    • Say goodbye to that awful ringing, buzzing noise... for good! Now there's no more noise interference and you can hear a pin drop. In fact, your hearing is the best it's been in years. You're no longer asking people to repeat themselves, putting captions on the TV, or turning the volume up. You can hear just fine, and you especially enjoy hearing the silence again.

  • Better working brain...
    • When you're free from tinnitus, your brain is able to work better. The nerve signals are no longer getting crossed, and this makes it easier to think, the process, to analyze, and make decisions. All the brain fog is gone!
    • So when you're working, your efficiency is going up. You're getting things done in half the time, and with less mistakes. Now that you're not distracted by that awful noise anymore, you're focusing so much better and every task you take on just feels easier to complete.
  • Sharper memory...
    • No more tinnitus, no more forgetfulness! The noise is gone and your brain is free to work in peace. So now your memory is improving and your boss is really impressed by how well you remember all of the finer details. And if you have a wife or girlfriend, she is loving how well you remember everything she says...and she wants to reward you for it!

  • Vibrant energy...
    • It's amazing how much better you feel when the sounds of tinnitus are gone! Most importantly, you're sleeping soundly for a change. No more laying in bed staring at the ceiling, wishing the noise would just stop. All you hear is your partner's light breathing while you're falling into a blissful sleep, and when you wake up, you're more than ready to tackle the day with a tank full of energy.
  • Happier mood...
    • People are noticing the smile that's always on your face or how quick you are to laugh now that your tinnitus is gone. It's like a whole new you! You're happy to be with your friends and family and converse for hours. You're the first to hold the door or give up your seat for someone else. You are just happy to be alive and live each day to the fullest now that you're free from that constant annoying sound!
  • Stronger relationships with your loved ones...
    • Tinnitus doesn't just affect you, it affects your relationships too. The noise gets in the way of you spending time with your kids or grandkids. It stops you from enjoying long pillow talks with your wife. So now that it's gone, your relationships are only getting stronger!
    • Your wife or girlfriend is loving your attentiveness. You're going out with friends again, seeing your favorite bands live and singing along with the crowd. You are helping your son or daughter with their homework after school. You are fully present with everyone you spend time with and this is making them feel even closer to you...

  • Naturally higher T levels...
    • The way this tinnitus solution works is by lowering endogenous opioids, which are known to hurt men's testosterone levels. So now that you're lowering EO's, you're giving your T levels a big boost! And testosterone is one of the healthiest things for a man...
    • With high T, you're more confident, more muscular, more energetic. Your drive increases, your erections get bigger and stronger, and your stamina increases too. Men living the high T life tend to be healthier and live longer, and research shows women find these men much more attractive!
  • my complete Testosterone Rewind System for just $1.00!
EO Destroyer

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