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What Doctors Aren't Telling You...
How Lowering Cholesterol Is Ruining Men's Testosterone

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I've just discovered something HUGE about raising testosterone...

If you want high testosterone, high libido, and great erections -- there is something you need to know about cholesterol...

Yes, cholesterol...

Because what I'm about to tell you about cholesterol will revolutionize your sex life and give you total control over your own health again.

This is something you will NOT hear from your doctor...

In fact, Big Pharma works very hard to make sure your doctor is kept in the dark.

Because Big Pharma wants to sell more statin drugs...

...and doctors prescribe statins for a very particular, very strange reason that I'm showing you in a moment...

Hint: it has nothing to do with men's health!

And the reason I first discovered this is...

Years ago, at my annual physical, my doctor tells me my cholesterol is high...

It's 280, and he says it's been steadily climbing higher and higher each year.

So my doctor recommends I go on a statin, a cholesterol-lowering drug.

And when I ask him if there are any other natural options he can recommend I try first, he just looks at me in amusement.

"No," he says to me. "Just take the statin."

But me being who I am, of course I don't do that. I have to do my own research first.

So I tell my doctor I'll think about the statin, and then I go home to look up some more information on these drugs...

And today, I believe statins are some of the most dangerous drugs ever prescribed to men...

For starters, I've discovered that taking statin drugs often leads to muscle pain and weakness.

In one study, 98% of patients taking Lipitor and 33% of patients taking Mevachor suffered from this side effect.

And these are both statin drugs that are still heavily prescribed.

Medically this condition is called rhabdomyolysis, and it can completely change your life.

Tahoe City resident Doug P. developed slurred speech, balance problems, and severe fatigue after three years on Lipitor...

It began with restless sleep patterns–twitching and flailing his arms...

Loss of balance followed and the beginning of what Doug calls the "statin shuffle"–a slow, wobbly walk across the room.

His fine motor skills started suffering next...

Until it was taking him five minutes to write four words, much of which was illegible.

And it was hard to convince his doctors that Lipitor could be the culprit!

But when he finally stopped taking it, his coordination and motor skills improved.

And he's not the only one... John A. took a statin for 3 years and developed calf pain so severe, he could hardly walk...

He also experienced episodes of temporary memory loss.

And for other men like Ed O., the muscle pains set in almost as soon as they begin taking the drugs.

Ed was having muscle pains just 30 days after taking Lipitor.

He fell in the bathroom and had trouble getting up.

The side effects subsided when he went off the statin. But others aren't always so lucky...

The same large landmark study on statins by Dr. Beatrice Golomb found that this muscle pain and nerve damage can often be irreversible...

So even if you stop taking the statins, the nerve damage can be permanent.

"Muscle effects arising on statins do not uniformly resolve fully with statin discontinuation," Dr. Golomb writes.

"It's often accompanied by evidence of renal dysfunction and occasionally renal failure and death."

Dr. Golomb also found that this nerve damage can lead to complications with the heart, pancreas, liver, bone marrow...

...respiratory function, central nervous system toxicity -- or all of the above...

And there's also evidence that statins can lead to cognitive impairment, possibly even Alzheimer's.

And the risks continue to go up the older you are when you're taking statins.

And if that wasn't bad enough, statins are also linked to erectile dysfunction.

Multiple studies like the one below find that statin use induces or worsens ED in men:

So if you're taking a statin and have been struggling to get a good erection or perform with your wife or girlfriend...

...the statin is most likely to blame.

And the bad news is, long-term statin therapy can make ED semi-permanent...

So even if you get off the statins, erections don't always improve on their own again.

And another thing about long-term statin therapy...

Scientists have found a "strong association" between long-term statin therapy and cancer...

Meaning the longer you take statins to lower your cholesterol, the higher chance you have of getting cancer.

And not just colorectal cancer, prostate cancer too.

And there's a reason why we haven't heard about any of this from our doctors...

Doctors are good people, but most of them still believe one of the biggest lies about cholesterol...

They believe that high cholesterol gives men heart disease and that high cholesterol leads to early death.

Here is the truth -- results of many, many studies involving people all over the world:

The truth is that, the lower the cholesterol level, the worse it gets for your health.

Low cholesterol, under 220 or so, is more harmful than high cholesterol.

One study found that "...cholesterol levels less than 160 mg/dL were associated with a twofold increase in risk of death...

...from cancer of the liver and pancreas; digestive diseases, particularly hepatic cirrhosis; suicide; and alcohol dependence syndrome..."

So overall, it's dangerous to have cholesterol under 160, and it's safest to have cholesterol of 220.

Because if a man has high cholesterol, it's easy for it to come down...

But for a man with low cholesterol, it's downright dangerous.

So how did this false idea of high cholesterol causing heart disease get started?

This is an idea that has been pushed and taught in medical schools since the 1980s...

...not coincidentally, the same time that statin drugs for high cholesterol were introduced...

But here's the thing... high cholesterol does

NOT give men heart disease.

In a large study of thousands of heart disease patients, researchers found that more than half the men dying of heart disease had normal cholesterol levels...

So they found that the exact opposite is true...the exact opposite of what we've all been led to believe, including your doctor...

High cholesterol isn't the problem...

The truth is that the lower the cholesterol level, the greater incidence of death!

In layman's terms, this means that men with low cholesterol levels die sooner than men with high cholesterol levels... imagine that!

And here's the second big lie doctors still believe about cholesterol...

Doctors are taught that statin drugs reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

In fact, there was even a study published when statin drugs first launched that sent sales soaring -- it claimed a 36% reduction in heart attacks from statins!

But the drug company distorted the results, they flubbed the numbers...

The actual reduction of heart attacks from statins was only 1%... which means it failed 99% of the people who took the drug!

Other studies came out proving this, yet the drug corporations continued to sing a different tune and the headlines reported their lies...

So statin sales increased by $1.8 billion that year and went on to become one of the biggest selling drugs of all time as we know it today.

So like I said before, doctors are good people, but they are caught in Big Pharma's web...

Doctors are pressured and incentivized to prescribe as many drugs as possible to make the Big Pharma companies happy.

And for doctors, it can be very hard to not get trapped in this system.

Take Dr. Bart Gatz, a normal doctor who found himself being flown out to Arizona by a Big Pharma drug company.

The drug company representatives paid for two $500 champagne room sessions to convince Dr. Gatz to prescribe their pills.

And as crazy as that sounds, this sort of thing happens all the time!

Doctors are under enormous pressure to obey the status quo of the system created by Big Pharma...

And the status quo of this system is to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe.

So is it really any surprise that statins are one of the biggest-selling drugs in the world?

Doctors are taught that statins are life-saving drugs. That men NEED statins...

And the pharmaceutical companies make billions and billions of dollars selling statins.

And they bribe the doctors in speaking fees and expensive dinners to keep peddling their pills.

So trust me when I say that the Big Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money funding studies that say the opposite about statins...

They hope you never see the studies I'm showing you today.

Even when statins are recalled, which happens all the time...

...the drug companies just reformulate it under a different name and keep selling it.

And they hope you never find out the truth about their harmful drugs or worse yet, the truth about high cholesterol...

But I know the truth about high cholesterol...and I'm going to share it with you now.

Because every man deserves to know, for his own health and happiness.

And this truth about high cholesterol -- it will completely change your life.

Even if you don't have high cholesterol today, you will benefit from what I'm about to tell you. Every man will.

Are you ready? Here it is...

The truth is, any man can naturally convert high cholesterol into high testosterone...

Because believe it or not, the male body is already designed to do this.

There's a natural factory process that goes on in a man's Leydig cells, which are located in the testicles...

Cholesterol goes in, and testosterone comes out.

Because cholesterol is a natural building block of testosterone.

Testosterone can't be made without cholesterol.

So if there's not enough cholesterol in the body, testosterone levels will drop.

But if cholesterol is too high, that means it isn't being converted into testosterone properly down in the Leydig cells.

And there's a reason why cholesterol stops being converted into testosterone -- and it has to do with metabolism...

As we get older, our metabolisms s-l-o-w down...

Toxins in our food, toxins in medications and in the environment -- they all build up in our bodies and decrease our metabolic rate.

And when we have a low metabolic rate, the body has less energy to work with.

So normal processes like the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone slows down too.

And this is why cholesterol piles up in the body instead of being converted into extra testosterone.

But doctors don't talk about this at all when they review your cholesterol levels...

Instead, they just offer you a statin...

...a drug that comes with terrible side effects for men... a drug that can actually make you sicker...

And worse, statins also interfere with the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone.

Rather than fixing the underlying problem, statins poison the body's cholesterol-to-testosterone conversion.

It's like breaking a leg and the doctor saying, "Take this poison, it will knock you out so you won't need to walk."

Crazy, right? But that's what statins do.

They poison the body's own conversion process of taking high cholesterol and turning it into high testosterone.

So many men on statins are still suffering from cholesterol problems and even worse, testosterone problems too!

Because remember this:

Men with naturally high testosterone live much longer and have much better health and sex lives.

In one landmark study, men 70-89 years old were studied for 4 years...

And the men with good, healthy, natural testosterone levels lived longer and were healthier than the men with lower testosterone levels.

And in another study, men studied over 5 years were 3 times more likely to suffer stroke if they had low testosterone.

So really, it's testosterone and not cholesterol that you should be worrying about...

And while getting testosterone replacement therapy may be helpful in some cases, it isn't clear that just injecting testosterone -- or taking extra medical testosterone as a patch, gel, or pellet -- will fix the problem and extend life.

In fact, one study shows that giving men extra testosterone can actually harden the blood vessels, further restricting blood flow.

As the researchers note, "The increase in coronary artery noncalcified and total plaque volumes in men treated with testosterone is concerning."

Yes indeed...

Now, I'm not against proper replacement of testosterone through TRT for some men.

But the real secret to a long, healthy, sexy life is to increase your own natural testosterone.

So how do you raise your own natural testosterone? The secret lies in cholesterol...

I've discovered a completely natural way to convert high cholesterol into high testosterone...

Your cholesterol falls to healthful levels...

...and your testosterone rises.


So this way, you can get off the harmful statins (with your doctor's blessing)...

...and naturally convert your high cholesterol into healthy, high testosterone.

And what man doesn't want more testosterone?

Living the high T life is the best thing you can do as a man.

It's like rewinding the clock and living and performing like you're 20 years old again!

And this is SO much better than taking a statin...

Because now you're not just lowering cholesterol...'re raising testosterone too!

And the body prefers it this way.

Because this cholesterol-testosterone conversion is natural and safe and GOOD for you.

So how do you naturally restore the cholesterol-testosterone conversion process in the body?

Fortunately, I've found it's as easy as taking one simple supplement.

One simple, natural supplement can give the body everything it needs to restore this process of converting high cholesterol...

...into sky-high testosterone...

And this supplement isn't expensive by any means.

It's incredibly affordable and you only need a little bit.

I'm going to show you exactly how to use it and how much and when to stop -- everything you need to know to naturally lower your cholesterol without statins.

I'm calling it my C2T method -- the cholesterol to testosterone method.

And with one supplement used in a unique way, you can turn your high cholesterol into high testosterone for better health and sexual performance.

The way this C2T method works is by giving the body the boost it needs to convert more cholesterol into testosterone.

And within days or weeks, your cholesterol levels are falling, while your testosterone levels are shooting upwards...

And now you're experiencing all the benefits of living the high T life, while also pleasing your doctor with your perfect cholesterol levels.

You'll be like me:

"Now that I've been using the C2T method, my doctor can't believe my lab results..."

My cholesterol has fallen to a healthy 221 from a whopping 280.

And my testosterone has shot up to almost 1,000.

That's higher than most guys in their twenties!

And I don't say this to brag but to show you how effective this method has been for me.

You can copy exactly what I have been doing and hopefully get the same results!

And you'll love living the high T life...

When you have high testosterone, you are noticing you have a higher libido too.

You want your wife or girlfriend all the time, and she is loving the attention.

Sometimes she says just the right thing and you get an impromptu boner, just like when you were a teenage boy!

Because the high T life has you feeling ready to go at any time...

And when you do get the green light, you're rock hard and lasting as long as you want.

The C2T method can help you start living the high T life while naturally lowering your cholesterol to healthy levels.

And I'm giving it away for free today to any man that wants it.

To be honest, I'm very angry about what statins are doing to people and how men aren't being told the truth about cholesterol...

It's all a money grab for Big Pharma -- but I'm not like that.

I want you to turn your high cholesterol into high testosterone for free.

I want to help men better their health and have great sex for decades to come...

So I talked to my publisher and convinced him to agree -- today I'm giving the C2T method away for FREE!

Here's how it works...

When you try my Ageless Body system out for $1 today, you get the C2T method with it for FREE.

And this is really an incredible deal because my Ageless Body system is valued at almost $1,000 on its own...

But you're getting it all for just $1 today!

One single buck starts you out on everything, with the C2T method for FREE.

Here Are All the Advantages of the C2T Method:

  • Healthy cholesterol levels... When you use the C2T method to help the body restore the cholesterol-testosterone conversion process, cholesterol levels normalize on their own!
    • Some men are healthiest when their cholesterol is higher than the "norm." The truth is, there's no perfect number. Every man is different.
    • As long as you're using this method, your cholesterol should stay in a healthy range and your testosterone should stay on the rise.
  • No need for dangerous statin drugs... With the C2T method, you can lower your cholesterol the NATURAL way... so you may not want or need pills (with your doctor's blessing).
    • I've uncovered studies revealing shocking facts about statins... how they lead to severe muscle pains, nerve damage, pancreatitis, depression, even memory problems!
    • Statins have even been shown to give men erectile dysfunction and make existing erection problems worse. Why not avoid this altogether and actually help improve your erections...with a simple method like this that boosts T?
    • There is also a strong link between long-term statin use and cancer. With this method, you can lower your cholesterol, often faster and more efficiently than statins can. And it comes with ZERO unwanted side effects!

  • Healthy, high testosterone... The best part about lowering your cholesterol with this method is that you can be raising your testosterone levels naturally at the same time.
    • This method helps the body turn extra cholesterol into extra testosterone, so you can have higher T levels than many 20-year-olds without taking pills, using patches or gels or injections.
    • And this is REAL, natural testosterone -- the kind your body makes on its own...the kind you actually want in your body! "Fake" testosterone in the form of pills, patches, and gels actually raise estrogen too, which ends up hurting testosterone and sexual function.
  • Great erections all the time... Now that you have naturally high testosterone, you're experiencing better erections that last longer than before.
    • Countless studies show us that the more testosterone we have, the harder and longer-lasting our erections will be. With this method, you can have sky-high testosterone, hopefully for the rest of your life, until you're 100 or 120, and the goal is to be getting great erections all the while!
    • If you've been struggling with ED because of statin use, don't worry -- this method often restores great erections again, no matter how long it's been or how many other things you've tried.

  • More sexual stamina... More T also means more stamina in bed. Now you can last longer and longer, maybe even as long as you want!
    • High testosterone levels make men's metabolisms hotter and faster, so endurance and energy levels naturally increase... And when you have more energy and endurance, you have more stamina in the bedroom!
    • Now you are performing even better than you thought possible, and you are pleasing your wife or girlfriend not just once, but twice in one single romp... And other men, even guys half your age, aren't doing their wives or girlfriends like this!
  • Higher sex drive... High testosterone also means high libido. Men with high T enjoy feeling a surge in sex drive morning, noon, and night...
    • With all that testosterone being pumped out of your Leydig cells, you're feeling ready to go at a moment's notice. Like a horny teenage boy who keeps getting a boner in public, you are turned on and oozing sexuality everywhere you go!
    • And women love it! Don't be surprised when your wife or girlfriend is saying things like "you're an animal" or "you're a sex machine" because you will be wanting to pleasure her all the time. Women get excited by their man showing this passionate desire for them, so you're going to love the effect it has...

  • Less fat, more muscle mass... Men with high testosterone levels have more muscle and less fat on their bodies.
    • When testosterone is low, estrogen is usually high. And too much estrogen is like poison for men. Excess estrogen gives men belly fat, love handles, even man boobs. By increasing testosterone, you will help the body naturally lower estrogen too...
    • And you will be amazed when you look in the mirror and see less fat and more muscle on your body. You don't even have to diet or exercise. With higher T, you will naturally have firmer, stronger, leaner muscles. This is just the way men's bodies work!
  • Better heart health... Getting your cholesterol levels down to a healthy range with the C2T method will do your heart a world of good.
    • Cholesterol that is too high can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, while high testosterone has been shown to actually help protect heart health.
    • So by converting your high cholesterol into high testosterone, you're doing your heart a huge favor too! You're reducing your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, while enjoying normal blood pressure and good blood flow to boot!

  • A more confident and assertive personality... Men with high T are naturally more confident men. They have no problem leading a group and making tough decisions, and they tend to stand out in a crowd, especially to women!
    • Women LOVE a confident, dominant personality. Even if they say they don't, women are biologically hard-wired to find a confident, assertive man attractive and be drawn to them more than other men.
  • ...PLUS you're also getting my complete Ageless Body system for just $1!

Real quick -- here are some commonly asked questions from men who are interested in the C2T method:

Question 1: I'm on other medications -- is this method safe for me?

It's always important to talk to your doctor about any change in your health condition.

But be assured: this is a completely natural method, and it is safe for most men to use.

And then you can go to your doctor and wow him with your perfect cholesterol levels and get to throw the statins in the trash (with his blessing)....

...and you can brag about your newly high testosterone levels!

Question 2: In order to use the C2T method, will there be a lot of expensive supplements for me to buy?

No, there are zero expensive supplements needed for this protocol.

You only really need one simple supplement to get your cholesterol-testosterone conversion process back on track.

And it's cheap and made by a reputable company I trust.

You can buy it almost anywhere in the world and have it shipped to your door.

Question 3: How long does the C2T method usually take to work?

The best thing about this method is that it starts working immediately.

Keep in mind -- every man's body is different, so it can take a few days or even a few weeks for you to get the results you want.

It all depends on where you're starting from.

Question 4: Is this method compatible with your other protocols?

100% yes. All of my protocols are designed to work together to give you the best health and sex life possible.

In fact, I highly recommend combining multiple protocols of mine to get your health and sexual function exactly where you want it to be.

Question 5: What if I need help getting this method to work for me... who can I talk to?

You can speak directly to me -- Matt Cook!

I'd love to help you out and answer any other questions you may have.

Just shoot me an email at

And if you're using the C2T method and really loving it, I'd love for you to write me a quick testimonial...

This way, I can share the good news with other men who are thinking about trying out this method.

And your success can possibly inspire thousands!

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