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igger Badder Better puts the keys into your hands -- it gives you the exact never-before-seen formulas you need to have a bit more size, a lot bigger semen loads, more testosterone, and the end of penile fibrosis and Peyronie’s.

Bigger Badder Better explains the formulas -- so you can combine a few ingredients and save hundreds of dollars.

The course consists of videos and the formulas. Plus, an entirely new protocol for getting rid of Peyronie’s and penile fibrosis.

Remember: If you have a bend in your penis, or a lump, or you have not had erections in years, you have penile fibrosis symptoms.

The Penile Fibrosis Fixed Forever bonus module gives you step by step instructions on getting rid of penile fibrosis or Peyronie’s (they are really the same thing.)

Videos, audios and transcripts

lovingly edited so you can watch or listen anywhere -- even at the gym, when you are doing the dishes or in the car.

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Penile Fibrosis Fixed Forever

Fibrotic tissue builds in the penis. Clogging it. Making it bent or knotted. Or just limp all the time. Here at last is Matt Cook’s brand new protocol for fixing Peyronie’s and penile fibrosis, and it’s easy too. The method can work within MINUTES believe it or not. Crazy as that sounds, it often does. Helps penis repair if you’ve done something that has caused injury, too.

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Get Bigger and Straighter

The easy formulas for gaining a little length and girth. Also works if you’ve been doing jelqing or tried other options. It can reverse shrinkage that has taken place.

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Increase semen loads and make you “better tasting” to your partner

She will love taking you into her mouth because now your loads will taste really good to her. And you’ll be able to show her huge loads that coincide with youthful health and sexual potency. This is a great way to get more sex, and more sexual enthusiasm from your partner. There is a “quick fix” formula, and one you can use all the time.

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Fixing prostate problems without side effects

Here’s how to prevent or fix infections that have invaded your prostate or bladder. How to keep them from coming back.

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Boosting Testosterone Formula

A new way to increase testosterone while lowering harmful levels of estrogen and cortisol. Easy to mix in your kitchen and helps your liver create more youth hormones (testosterone, DHT)..

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