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Booster Bites

My booster bites are the perfect way for any man to get an immediate "shot" of testosterone, so that no matter where he is or how he feels he can feel like an Alpha. Taking this booster bite daily means that you'll ALWAYS feel like there's a coiled dragon in your manhood, just waiting to burst free and ravish any woman lucky enough to be with you.

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Videos, audios and transcripts

lovingly edited so you can watch or listen anywhere -- even at the gym, when you are doing the dishes or in the car.

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Start raising your testosterone

How to start NOW raising testosterone...even a simple gesture can increase T by 40% in just seconds...use these techniques when you are going to have sex, or when you are around women, or when you want to boost your assertiveness and get things done YOUR way....

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Complete T raising protocol

Surprise! Just about everything you thought you knew about T was wrong. You’ll discover what’s WRONG with white meat...why you should be VERY cautious when you launder your clothes (and how to do so without raising estrogen in your body). You’ll know how foods can make your estrogen skyrocket and how to eat in such a way as to reduce manboobs, increase penis activity and get those sculpted muscles automatically without working out..

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Secret way to become more fit than any of your friends without working out

This part of T Rewind shows you how to get your body to make positive changes as if you worked out...without working out. You can use these techniques in just a couple of minutes, during your normal day, and find that you’ll experience vastly improved muscle tone, loss of belly fat, mental alertness and ability to outwalk, outrun and outwork your (younger) acquaintances..

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Ultra T Raising Protocol

Now you’re moving to the next level. Your T is already high but now you can unwind the terrible toxins and pollution penalties that are already running down your cells and aging you...this can roll back the clock and make you feel and act decades younger using this Ultra T Raising Protocol.

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More testosterone, More sex

Here is how you can increase your testosterone even if you are solo...with a powerful T-building solo activity...and how to use sex to get more and higher testosterone levels which in turn result in more and better sex....

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Cheat Sheets

Includes detailed Cheat Sheets...all the T Rewind protocols are very inexpensive to can get a few key supplements practically anywhere.

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